A patrol boat for border

Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant has released the fourth patrol boat project 10410 "Firefly" for border guards. Upgraded boat show to the public. After all the tests and examinations, the ship of "Firefly" will receive the flag, board room and go to the southern borders of Russia.

At the ceremony brought together students, sailors, family members, and of course, the factory workers themselves, whose hands and was made a class frigate "Firefly." A series of seven built on YASZ PSKR already has served in various maritime theaters. This is the eighth ship, preparing to pass the Yaroslavl shipbuilders Russian Federal Security Service of the SS. 

"This ship is his life proved long years, that is the basis of all the maritime frontier of the country. Most favorable reviews from all pogranchastey," — said the chief designer of the Central Maritime Bureau "Almaz" Victor Kucher.http://yarreg.ru/2011/08/14318/ rn http://yaroslavl.rfn.ru/r…ml?id=529538461&cid=7 

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