A person can eat one by sunlight proved Indian



A person can eat one by sunlight proved Indian
01.12.03, the


People may be without food and maintain the vitality thanks to the sun, says 65-year-old resident of Calcutta Ratan Maneg. It suppresses the feeling of hunger soaking eyes solar energy.

Maneg states that for seven years does not consume solid food. A former mechanical engineer is convinced that people are able to change your body needs a very simple way — you need to look at the sun in the first part of the dawn or sunset on his standing with bare feet on the ground.

After a few days of training, says Maneg, you will feel the energy of the sun's rays penetrate the body through the eyes. The brain begins to use its untapped resources, fueling the body.

Solar energy, according to Manega, frees man not only on the physical, but also from a variety of mental illnesses. This phenomenon has been three years studying the Indian team of doctors, and most recently, experts from the U.S. space agency. It is reported by NTV.




























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