A portfolio company of RVC Seed Fund NanoDerm pro expands product range


Portfolio company "RVC Seed Fund" (DRF RVC) "NanoDerm pro" (Cosmetic brand NanoDerm) Issued to the Russian market a new series of products for the care of skin and hair.

Thus, to date product line brand NanoDerm 77 products. The first series "Purification","35 +"And"45 +"Replenished cosmetics"15 +","25 +","55 +","Intensive"As well as special agents for skin care for men and hair care.

The company "NanoDerm pro" successfully engaged development and implementation of nanotechnology in dermatology. NanoDerm was the only cosmetic brand of general application in the Russian market, have passed state registration, which must receive professional use only funds and children’s cosmetics. A few months after the start of sales of the company’s products "NanoDerm pro" is represented in the leading drugstore chains in Moscow: "A5", "Old Doctor", "03", "Gorzdrav", "Doctor century", "Riegle», AVE

Since December 2012 Cosmetics NanoDerm went on sale in 22 major cities of the Russian Federation, the company’s products appeared in supermarket chains "Auchan", "Carousel", "Magnet". In the near future cosmetics NanoDerm appear in the leading cosmetic networks.

Over the past two years RVC Seed Fund participated in two rounds of investment in the company "NanoDerm pros." In the last round, held at the end of December 2011, RVC Seed Fund investments amounted to 75 million rubles. In October 2012, "NanoDerm pro" attracted a loan in the amount of 50 million rubles for the active input in the beauty network.

January 31, 2012 at the annual meeting of partners RVC LLC "NanoDerm pro" received the award RVC Venture Award 2011 in the category "Beauty is in the business."

June 14, 2012 the company "NanoDerm pro" was awarded the prize "Financial Elite of Russia — 2012"In the" Portfolio Company of the Year. " The company "NanoDerm pro" was recognized as the first and only in the Russian innovative company engaged in the development and implementation of nanotechnology in dermatology.

Ltd. "RVC Seed Fund"Created JSC "RVC" together with the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere. The Fund is focused on investments in the Russian innovative companies with high growth potential in the domestic and foreign innovation and technology markets. One of the main objectives of the fund is to significantly increase the quantity and quality of small technology businesses, claiming later to receive investments of venture investors and fund early stage. The authorized capital of LLC "RVC Seed Fund" is 2 billion.

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