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St. Sergius and Sergei Korolev Prokhanov

March 7, 2013 1238 0

Trinity-Sergius Lavra near Moscow — like a huge delicious spaceport. Bell towers, gilded head, blue, star-studded dome, marvelous frescoes with angels and saints. Like temples like spaceships, have already visited the gardens of paradise, and returned to earth, bringing with them a picture of the divine paradise. Silver shrine of St. Sergius, surrounded by multi-colored oil lamps — as a mysterious spaceship with his immortal astronaut, flying through space Russian history, connecting heaven and earth. Each prayer monk, each divine hymn sing — it’s out in the open space, where the soul departs, tea touch the Lord’s grace and breathe it back to the ground, blowing our sinful life, this breath of divine purity.

And here, not far from the monastery in the small town Relight — another space center. Among woods — steel, concrete, sheltered from the eyes of an enigma, mighty buildings: stands, where the trial space satellites, ships, rocket engines, launch vehicles elements. Neither one satellite will not fly away in the endless space without going through tests on these stands. None of the newly constructed missile did not explode upwards, not having visited this space range. Conceived Korolev, built in terms of impact, it is part of a grand Soviet space industry, paving the way humanity into the universal infinity, which created a nuclear-missile defense of the country, has preserved the historic vector sovereign Russian civilization.

The camera, which is placed in a new artificial Earth satellite, designed to study the long black space, full of undiscovered gray matter. In this chamber, the conditions in which the products are hand-made, leaving the Earth. Powerful pumps air is pumped out of the chamber, creating a vacuum, commensurate with the space. Mighty cryogenic plants lower the temperature in the box to the icy cold of space limits. Powerful lights irradiated products, simulating the fiery solar wind, heating shell satellite to hundreds of degrees. The device without leaving Earth, experiencing the full polyphony cosmic impacts. A plurality of sensors readings to lick its membranes, navigation systems, micro motors, solar panels, refined and sophisticated devices placed in the satellite space to extract secrets.

Another booth, which strengthened "Angara" — a new medium for outputting a space orbital groups. It is compressed in an iron grip. Starter motor spewing fiery plasma, roars and shakes the air, the hot tongue comes out of the booth, licking the concrete chute. Streams of water cooled eerie glow, turning into hot steam. Computers greedily swallowed countless streams of information, create a model rocket launch. Here on earth, placed in a concrete cocoon, caught in an iron trap rocket plays a formidable start. Tests strength and heat resistance of their membranes, the behavior of the engine, rudder sensitivity, countless data accompanying the transition from immobility rocket to the space velocity.

Another stand — steel ring, which is clamped to the rocket engine of the latest model, has never been in space. This engine will carry on the near and distant orbit communications satellites providing television and radio. Military intelligence officers were looking around the space of the continents and oceans. Martial lasers capable of warning of hostile missile launches. Weapons systems are leading the offensive and defensive operations in Star Wars.

But — stand where for three decades, is being tested for reliability is one of the modules of the station "Mir". The Great Soviet probe already burned and dissolved in the brine of the ocean, and this module is alive, it employs micro-motors, electronics operates, its enclosures are resistant to sun’s heat and cold space.

But lo, a miracle happened, grand, like the pyramid of Cheops, grows out of the forest stand: a sullen, motionless, menacing. Twenty years it is empty. Twenty years is not rumbling engines. Not going crowd of designers and engineers. Not being tested. This took the stand in his bowels great "Buran" and grandiose sverhraketu "Energy". It was here, on this bench, rehearsed their powerful start. Here monstrous fire was burning hydrogen engine, reproduced undocking of "Buran" from his inordinate media. Here, the "Buran", without leaving the Earth, demonstrated the ability to maneuver in space, change the trajectory, landing and accurate landing.

This stand empty and cold, hollow, as in the old deserted castle. But this stand — not dead, he is in absolute readiness. The powerful lights that mimic the sun’s heat. In excellent condition abide powerful vacuum pump which can pump out the air from the chamber. Cryogenic plants are ready to create space cold. Sensors, devices, cables, wires sensitive, surveillance cameras — all lurking and stopped, as if waiting for it to return to the nest desolate magic birds. When again will revive and will be launched ambitious project "Moon," for which were ready rovers, the architecture of lunar settlements, drilling for the extraction of lunar resources, drillers to drill these moon, lunar scientists for these laboratories where mature flowers for lunar gardens. This lunar project was destroyed in the crash and ninety-one. While in the booth, you know what evil befell Russian civilization, what a great vector was stopped and broken.

And next to that other stand — unfinished: a concrete base, with the dome of the Middle Kingdom, which was preparing for his magical incarnation of "Mars." The painful longing and sadness at the sight of these include cyclopean structures, among which even the great voices humming cosmists hover their unfulfilled dreams soar their brilliant ideas. And you are persecuting willed himself to the music of death, this requiem for the dead civilization. Would you believe that the bird back in its nest. What Russia wakes up from a terrible blow, will focus on how Gorchakov said. And focus will be revived this stand, which will bring heavy-duty test new generation of space shuttles and super lunar and Martian rockets.

These stands, these majestic space enterprises not only for its engineering and technetronic power — they are majestic people who come to these boards to experience satellites and missiles. In many ways, these gray-haired old men, their wrinkles say about the great experiences of the great patience of the great Messianic Stoicism, the great purpose for which they were a few decades ago, in the prime of life, were here, in the suburban oak and birch. They, these grand old men, reminiscent of the monks who gave the sacred vow. Store the shrine of the Soviet space era. Kindle the lamps and candles around the new rockets and satellites. Heard by a grand, invisible world feat. Economize the commandments of the founding fathers. Waiting when they will be replaced, at last, the young host, will take from them the sacred tablets will replace them with computers, test benches, test panels.

The greatness of these people — not only in the fact that they save a grand technique, but in the fact that among the false idols of the present day, including tinsel supermarkets, entertainment centers nonsense, reckless and unrestrained consumption, they have kept the code hero, the discoverer and creator code. One Russian Code of spiritual achievement, which have lived and continue to live the best people of Russia: the monks and astronauts, soldiers, and the singers, and dedicated scientists who believe in Russian politics.

The head of the Research Center Onishchenko Side, telling me about his grand farm, explained the direction in which, in his opinion, is developing the current space vector Russia. Constru
ction of the eastern launch site near Blagoveshchensk, replacing fallen away from the Russian cosmodrome. Creating a new launch vehicle: economy, compact, able to repopulate the near space family of modern aircraft. Creating a new generation of space station, which provides an independent Russian presence in space.

Roscosmos its leader Vladimir Popovkin collects the scattered fragments of the former space industry, which is chopped and crushed, like all Soviet technosphere. New intelligent centralism Roscosmos connect dissected potentials provide a unified operation of the huge body, the depths of which will be possible grand set aside for future projects, "Moon" and "Mars".

Here, near Moscow, the magic of nature built two monasteries: St. Sergius Orthodox monastery, connecting Russia with the cosmos paradise gardens, and a test site in Relight, developing Russian military-technical space. The two space — red and white — inevitably merge, create a divine cosmic ideology of Russian state. Ideology in which life on earth is powered heavenly meanings. Ideology in which the sky with his heavenly immortality becomes the goal of our earthly accomplishments.

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