A resident of Chechnya has developed a new device Reinforcing element

  • A resident of Chechnya has developed a new device "Reinforcing element"

Easy to transport, and most importantly to build the frame of the fittings with the designer Bazaeva invention takes very little time. The idea came during the construction of their own home.

Its development Lem Bazaev called "Reinforcing element" and even patented. Meanwhile, the Chechen inventor has already prepared a new model of building structures, which were presented in Tehnoprome Russia, where he offered to sell the patent.

On the proposal to develop a machine for mass production of structures of different sizes Lem Bazzano turned into 4 research institute of the country, the German company "Weber Comechanics", but is not able to help him. Then the designer has developed its own project machine.

Reinforcing element is quite easy to use, requires no special skills, and provides high quality reinforced concrete structures, which is especially important in the construction in earthquake zones. Development Samashki Designer appreciated and experts Tula Chamber of Commerce. According Bazaeva they are ready to actively cooperate with our region.

To ensure that the new plant appeared in the Chechen Republic, the necessary sponsorship. Own production of the tendons in the first place and significantly reduce the cost of construction will accelerate.

Video of the inventor:

Reports on television:http://groztrk.net/video.php?id=3182

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