A resident of Tomsk SEZ park created for the cultivation of unique properties of crystals

A resident of Tomsk SEZ company "Crystal-T" has created a park for the cultivation of unique properties of crystals for optics.

The company has managed for three years

— pass the stage of R & D

— and a pilot production of non-linear optical and electro-optical crystals, optical and microwave components and systems.

Devices based on these crystals can:

— modulating the laser radiation

— convert its frequency — wavelength

— change the direction of propagation, so their scope is very broad:

— Laser Technology,

— Medical — bloodless surgery

— biomedicine,

— link

— metrology,

— military industry,

— research.

The company "Crystal-T" plans by the end of 2013 to build a SEZ own laboratory and engineering building area of 5 thousand square meters, which will house manufacturing plants and research laboratories on the synthesis of crystals and development of elements, devices, and systems. Starting the industrial production is scheduled for 2014. Total funding for the project — 325 million rubles.


The only company in Russia who grow these crystals with such quality:

— by electrical resistance,

— uniformity

— optical strength of the product is comparable only to that of a well-known products in the world of the Israeli firm.


Several Russian companies take products to the test, yet it has already sold a number of lots.

Park crystal growth — rows of complex plants worth half a million rubles each, as well as areas of machining and polishing crystals, making the nonlinear optical and electro-optical components and devices, stands for the measurement of their performance.


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