A second An-148-100E Voronezh assembly passed Airlines ‘Flight’

Photo source:ruwings.ru

On August 31 VACO was signed deed of conveyance of the second aircraft built for the airline at the Voronezh aircraft factory.
Both aircraft have sent airlines collected in a two-class configuration includes 60 seats of economy class and business class seats 8. Can be operated in a single-class layout, and, after a short installation of interior capacity is 75 seats economy class.

Photo source:polet.ru

In the procedure of transfer of the aircraft attended by General Director of JSC "VASO" Zubarev V. Yu Director of the Central Black Soil Regional Branch of JSC "Sberbank Leasing" Panischev VV and General Director of JSC "Aviation Company" Flight "Karpov A.

Photo source:polet.ru

After the signing of official documents by the parties and actors of their attendants boarded the plane with the tail number RA-61710.

As expected, the first commercial flight of An-148-100E Airlines ‘Flight’ make St. Perterburg. The flight will mark the 425 anniversary of Voronezh.

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