A series of underwater vehicles GNOME production of Russian company Indel-Partner

Ltd. "Indel-Partner" was founded in 2001 The main activity of the company — design and manufacture of underwater cameras and small remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), as well as carrying with them a variety of search and osmotrovye underwater.

The devices, known as GNOME, originally intended for the internal needs of the company, but the technical solutions based on high technology proved so successful that they are interested specialists in underwater operations and the company began to produce and sell these devices, not only in Russia but also abroad. Thus the cost of robots, even for the occasional production turned relatively low compared with foreign counterparts, and most of the technical parameters better.

Taking into account operating experience, needs and wishes of users, "Indel-Partner" started production of several modifications of the Dwarves for different depth ranges, with different lengths and types of cables, propulsion units, cameras, manipulator, etc.

The company currently manufactures custom gnome and a number of models of cable video cameras designed to perform underwater search and osmotrovye works.

The company pays great attention to the information and support people gnomes on phones has a complete set of technical and operational documentation, specifications, received a certificate of conformity. A program of periodic maintenance of devices, which will greatly increase service life.

During its existence the company has formed a unique team of highly skilled professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to create a remotely operated underwater vehicles, as well as their numerous modifications to the specifications of customers.

The company has produced more than 230 Dwarves several types and modifications, which are widely used in underwater operations around the world.

The most important advantages of devices GNOME:

A complete set of the system is placed in two suitcases, diplomats — underwater vehicle, coil cable, remote control with battery, video monitor and recorder.
Simplicity and ease of use — control unit by a single person using radiodzhoystika.
Ability to work with any craft — the robot can be submerged in water, with both sides a large vessel and small boat or even a motor boat.
High availability to begin work — up time is no more than 3-5 minutes.
Thin cable (2-3mm thick). Unlike other TPA it is significantly less inhibits the device and allows you to really work on the stated depths.
Small vesogabarity and excellent maneuverability and the ability to work directly on the site, in particular in the cavities, holes, pipes and other hard to reach places.
Low power consumption — in 3-5 times less than that of devices Videoray Seabotix and with almost the same values of the actual speed, which allows the use of self-powered by a small battery (12Ah), built-in console.

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