A session of self-exposure, or an incredible story about what the Germans are fools

Just returned from Weimar. There I participated in the exhibition Mit Krimineller Energie, the gallery ACC Weimar: Zeitgenossische Kunstgalerie.
This is the same show that was held in Leipzig in the spring. There I was doing graffiti and performance-conversation. But the performance fell by the fact that he was appointed to open and no I did not listen, and graffiti myself slazhal. As I explained then I'm not quite correctly assessed the German context, and the fact that the Czech Republic would be good in Germany did not work. 

For the Weimar exhibition, I suggested another project, and that the same performance. 

But the project is broke, it does not matter why, but performance was canceled for budgetary reasons — not enough money for a translator. And this is what I found out a week before the opening. Franz, curator, writes to me — Urgent think up something new! But my answer is — no fucking problem, come up with something. I thought and thought, did not really come up, I decided prostebat Pussy Rayot. Come, give me a narrow corridor, I Denya two, not three as I had hoped. I understand that in addition to graffiti did not have time to do. And here in Weimar exhibition is titled GULAG, the exhibition I felt sorry for the money but bought the catalog.

There's just a solid horror. In short, improvise — stuck to the walls of the page from the catalog and write all sorts of nonsense anti-Soviet bringing it all to the complete idiocy. And of course — Free Pussy Riot. Had time to open, it turned himself in hippie style. Normaldos, I think they do not deserve better. On the opening day the Germans terribly fond of long talk, and I'm referring to the fact that there is still no interpreter, and I myself am on the smart thing to speak English do not know, went to the hotel to sleep. A phone disconnected. 

That's what I'm there navayal. Photos made too hastily. Korce — look.

But that's all background, the most important thing after photos!

A little doubting the sense of humor of the Germans, and in general, for clarity, I have supplied a list explanatory text. Overall I was absolutely adequately assessed was said at the opening of me — "artist in the present paper critically examines the cultural and political situation in Russian society."

The explanatory text from the exhibition and comments on my drawing of looking at: http://teroganian.livejournal.com/451920.html? Mode = reply # add_comment)

And Franz tells me that on the opening day was a complete success of my mural. Tells you suggest to repeat it in a larger size in the urban space in Leipzig and Weimar, and elsewhere.

In short as far as I understood the conversation on the opening day was just about me. Franz showed them my portfolio. From the icons are all delighted. All they say — fuck up what I'm awesome artist and political hero who suffered for the truth! 

Curator at Leipzig Halle 14 offers Franz hold my personalku there. He wants me to arrange personalku in their ACC in Weimar next year. Another says — Weimar museum director talks about a possible exhibition. And one man is going to apply for a movie about my ARTE. And one of the gallery owner Franfurta offers an exhibition.

In general, I'm Frank with Google translator talk, and I do not get it. He promised me to describe in detail. 

I honestly speaking in shock! I'm sitting here in complete ass, going to die. And that's it!

In short I understand the Germans nifiga my irony did not realize they had a sense of humor at all bad. Took me quite seriously as a fighter against the Putin regime. 

I could not stay at my ticket was already on the train, I urgently need to be on a Sunday in Prague. In short food back on Wednesday to discuss. The paintings should be done urgently. I thought. Have to agree, damn, grandmother needed, or death. Actually, I think the smart people will understand humor, and fools can not be undone. And I would add there idiocy. And the show, I think, quite honestly earned. Thirteen years of sitting in the ass that nobody needs, and how these vaginal emerged here and I appreciated. No serious exhibition was not personal except in fucking Norway. Full postmodernism has come — between me and full of crooks nobody sees no difference, sorry, man.

That's the story.


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