A strong, unpleasant odor created panic in Bangalore, India

September 22, 2013. The strong smell that was felt throughout the city on Friday, has created panic among the citizens.

Residents Marihill first reported the smell of the morning. People from other areas said that they felt as if it leaked gas while cooking. Many have tested their tanks.

Residents Mallikeyt reported on the phenomenon of the evening, and later still of lettuce.

When unable to contact with officials of the State Pollution Control Board Karnataka (KSPCB), then they said that they started the measurement of volatile organic compounds to check the levels and find the source.

Inspector Environment N. Laxman said: "The smell was strong near the new port of Mangalore, measurements showed 50 parts per million when we started measurements in the city, the indicators have fallen to zero. We have received complaints from the field of lettuce, but by the time we arrived … there was no trace. "

Sources of KSPCB said that the smell could be gas that leaked from a moving tanker, but the oil company officials denied this.

Fire brigade stood guard at strategic points in the city and on the national highway to trace the source of a possible leak.

Based on: Times of India
Source: News plus comment

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