A team of seven people won the first three hard-to-pass of Alaska, and gave them a Russian name.

Northern Expedition Arctic Federal University (Safa, Arkhangelsk) began April 17 and lasted 40 days, during which 450 km were completed most difficult climbing route on snowy Alaska.
The "Seven Summits Alaska", timed to coincide with the tercentenary of the birth of Mikhail Lomonosov.
The members of the expedition, to ski and walk up into the seven peaks and overcame four pass.
Three of them were conquered for the first time, which gave the right to give them the names of the pioneers, "Mikhail Lomonosov", "Northern Arctic Federal University" and "Archangel".

Arkhangelsk met conquerors Alaska

The highest point of the route was the mountain Bona (Bona, 5005 m). According to the participants of the expedition, the route was extremely difficult. Told a news conference in NArFU expedition leader Alexander Shorikov, the weather was changing every hour, the sun suddenly gave way to strong blizzard, and the difference between day and night air temperatures reached 30 degrees. Afternoon due to a sufficiently high temperature (0 degrees in the shade), the team often could not move forward until the first half of the day until the sun melts the snow bridges between the many cracks in the glacier.
Introduces additional risk "square" configuration of the location of cracks, which earlier Russian climbers encountered. "Bypassing a crack, you find yourself in another," — said Alexander Shorikov.
As a result, members of the expedition koimandy four fell into the cracks, and only thanks to the excellent preparation, the coordinated work and good equipment climbers have been able to get out alive and unharmed.

Before the expedition stood and scientific problems. One of them — to assess the state of the ice and snow cover area. To do this, the team members have made more than 2,000 photographs, filmed "megabits" video, which scientists NArFU yet to be analyzed before making any conclusions.

Another line of "Alaskan" scientific research, organized by researchers from the Institute of Child Development Safa led by Professor Anatoly Gribanova — a feasibility study of the human body in extreme conditions. Each member of the team before going on the trip was a serious medical testing. During the expedition, all of its members every morning and evening measured their blood pressure, heart rate, overall health was assessed on a five point scale. The final testing of the climbers were already in Arkhangelsk, a day after returning home on June 11.

Unexpected "adverse" effect of scientific and sporting campaign began paleonahodki made at an altitude of 1300 m is small animals were fossilized brachiopods, whose age is one of the participants biologist Eugene Zelyanin estimated at about 7 million years. According to him, brachiopods found only in the waters of the White Sea. Find in Alaska indicates that once, in these parts were not high snow-capped mountains, and the sea lapped. "I have collected these fossilized animal fossils and a half kilos," — says Eugene Zelyanin — "I think their study will provide new data about the climate and fauna of the ancient Arctic territories."

Preparations for the expedition organized for the 300th anniversary of MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, conducted with the support of Safa, Tourism and Sports Union of Russia and the Russian-American community. The "Seven Summits Alaska" received the grant Red Fox Challenge-2011 in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

The route (according to the press service of the Safa) glacier KLUTLAN GLACIER — the top of Mount Bear — Pass — Glacier BARNARD GLACIER — Pass — Glacier KLUTLAN GLACIER — the top of Mount Bona — the top of Mount Churchill — Pass — Glacier RUSSELL GLACIER — Skolai Creek — Glacier NIZINA GLACIER — Glacier REGAL GLACIER — the top of Mount Regal — Glacier NABESNA GLACIER — Pass Mountaineers Pass — Glacier NABESNA GLACIER — the top of Mount Blackburn — Glacier NABESNA GLACIER — the top of Mount Wrangell — pass — the top of Mount Sanford.

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