A virtual tour of the island of Kizhi

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  • http://journal-shkolniku.ru/img/kigi1.jpg

Museum-Reserve "Kizhi" offered its visitors a new media product: virtual guide on Kizhi Island and its monuments. With it, you can see pictures and spherical panoramas of the island of Kizhi, its monuments and their interiors, to listen to the new audio tour, learn interesting facts about the history and daily life of ancient Zaonezhja.

According to the press service of the museum, visitors will get the answers to the questions: What famous Kizhi at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1901, which was considered in Zaonezhie main feature of female attractiveness, which produce the famous German company has been in almost every peasant’s house, where he first was epic written about Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber, as arranged peasant "washing machine".

Virtual Guide is available for mobile devices, including the application for the platform Android, which can come in handy when visiting the island.

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