Abnormal horoscope for wooden monkey




Groskopy loved by all. Well, maybe not all the polls, but many. This is understandable — who among us does not want to look ahead at least one eye? No wonder astrological sites are among the most visited on the Internet, and the products of this kind gives the possibility of eavesdropping. Another thing is that the prophets and diviners often wrong. Let them! Indeed, awareness of the falsity of the prediction comes much later. And at the moment so well acquainted with the intended future, especially if the weather is favorable.

The year 2004 promises a new meeting with the unknown. At the beginning of May, dramatically increases the likelihood of observations of unidentified flying objects, especially classical (posudopodobnogo) type. Towards autumn on the horizon, can shoot a couple of barrel-shaped UFO, belonging to the central offices of the President of the Galactic Federation.

in the coming year, do not relax. Lack of moderation in a vicious rest and sloppiness in the production relations can lead to multiple short-term abduction (kidnapping), followed by a full fallout from the real time. The kidnappers of the eponymous constellation of Taurus can visit in August, during an eclipse of the moon Saturn in the latest quarter.

should be wary of spontaneous teleportation. February, March and December are particularly favorable for travel of this kind. Where will after rolling off GEMINI — will not be able to anticipate even the most skilled astrologers. So always carry auto insurance and a certificate of registration.

In the new year often have to move backwards Cancers at
appearance in their home phantoms, ghosts and entities of the subtle world. Do not despair! On this evil, just loud enough to shout and threaten prosecution — otherworldly monsters are like silk, like turning heads bowed in humility and removed.

as usual, is inherent in the indomitable spirit and unbridled temper. Therefore, while expected to reach the third type (October-November), this is not a sign of the Zodiac took to his heels, and boldly enter into the negotiation process, perhaps an intimate nature. Keep it up! Do not disgrace the proud title of earthling!

Next year should keep health, especially during random time travel. Virgos should be remembered that the time gaps crack, do not lose my temper. The best thing that might take — swallow aspirin (medieval infection!) Disguise the environment and patiently wait for the return movement.

can visit the "men in black". This sign must be clearly aware of the fact of their belonging to visitors to the World secret government. Therefore, no further ado, the only "yes" and "no." After the ugly bow out — forget them completely, like a nightmare, and to continue their business.

suddenly can demonstrate the ability of telekinesis and levitation. Here, the most important thing is not to get lost and do not do something silly. Many telekinezery tried to pull money out of the cash registers liquor stores — and came across! This is not a "dao" for Scorpio. In this natural gift should commission dignified. For example, to offer their services to the beloved "homeland."

A particular focus of attention piropoltergeysta in 2004 will be SAGITTARIUS. In their hands and in their presence, everything will burn and smoke. Therefore
from home, they should make everything combustible materials and objects. Do not worry if there will be furniture. But do not have every hour frantically dialing "01"!

Go to
Capricorn the authorities are serious claims. The fact that the bureaucracy wants to put the blame on them losses from damage by cattle fields in the form of mysterious circles. They say you are, Capricorn, these circles have created themselves (ate there, stems, or something like that!). Therefore, there is crop failure and food shortages. Get out of depression and anxiety! These vile insinuations will not succeed, justice will prevail, especially since missing fodder to find caches aliens from Orion.

The most favorable period for entry into Shambhala will have Aquarian in June and July. Them there had not been asked, so not all attempts will be successful. However, those who will be able to penetrate the thickness of the Himalayas do not envy — they can eat starving in eternal slumber Teachers.

Since April 1 Pisces
will fall unidentified underwater objects. The unexpectedness of fish can swallow water and drown. It's always! It seems that the element of which is inhabited by native to you, but no! One wrong move — and you go to the bottom under a satisfied gurgle tribesmen.

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