About 100 plants yars and Topol-M delivered to the Strategic Missile Forces

The composition of the strike group RVSN the end of 2012 there will be about 100 launchers with new missile systems "Topol-M" and "Yars", said Friday the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev.

"By the end of 2012 as part of the strike group will be about 100 launchers with new missile systems" Topol-M "and" yars. "Thus, in recent years the share of modern weapons in the Strategic Missile closer to 30%," — said Karakayev .

He noted that in late December, will be completed by the Strategic Missile Forces modernization program, "Topol-M" — re-runs on the "Topol-M" silo-based missile’s sixth regiment Tatishchev (Saratov region) missile compound.

Karakayev added that this year, work began on upgrading to the missile system "Yars" Novoibirskogo and Kozelskii (Kaluga region) compounds, the latter will be deployed "yars" option in the mine. It is planned to re-equip this missile system has a number of compounds.

"Along with the rearmament of new missile systems in 2012, the troops continued active work on the modernization of existing and construction of new control points, equipping troops with modern and advanced systems and communications, and command, control, protection, other modern weapons and equipment," — concluded the Commander.


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