About 400 thousand carp fingerlings released into the Ob in Altai

Approximately 400,000 carp fingerlings released by representatives of the two major companies in the Altai region’s largest river, the Ob.

Under the new legislation, businesses, industrial activity which harms the environment, including water bodies, must not just pay the fines and replenish those resources. In other words, they have undertaken to purchase fish fingerlings and releasing it into the river. This is done in the presence of a representative of the Federal Fisheries Agency, a special commission set up by order of the authorities and organizations engaged in fish farming.

"Two major companies of the Altai, Barnaul HPP-3 and Bijskij Gorvodocanal, bought carp fingerlings in scientific fish farming town in the enterprise," Coral ". Obi brought them to the shore in 11 plastic bottles filled with water and oxygen, which released into the river" — said in a statement.

According to experts, this season releasing fry into waters edge will no longer because the time limit has been exhausted. After the fry should have time to grow before the winter, and by the summer of next year to recruit at least one kilogram of weight.

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