About patriotic education

Got back yesterday from Peter and to my shame, because in the past really did not know that Peter is a museum for the first time visited the Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps Defense Ministry. I remember when I was little voskhishenem with what I was looking at a real military equipment on Mount breather in Sevastopol, in the Kremlin Museum in Gorky Compatible weapon and missiles forces of the USSR in Moscow. According to this view suggest that photo that I took on my phone is not cool.

This picture made for clarity, that there is: 


 On the approach to the museum:

Well, everything is clear, T-80)))



Children schaslivo))) Not everything can be touched by hands, but inside there is a playground and all that stands outside the museum.









Maybe I’m wrong, but the mud when you look at it you start involuntarily voskhishatsya their country. 

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