About protesters


Linguists, sociologists, and other researchers have told the public about the work done at the May meetings. Surveys of those who come to the actions of the opposition, scientists have begun to engage more in December. And because they have something to compare. 

The researchers who conducted surveys, participants were given leaflets meetings with different requirements and asked to mark those they support. In December, the greatest demand for liberal ideas, more freedom for the media, etc. In May, proved popular demand for nationalization of enterprises, progressive tax, additional tax cuts for the rich. In short, those that are characteristic of people with low incomes.

But the most amusing were studies that had not a sociologist, and the artist Haim Sokol. He made a kind of artistic action — offering participants the May protests anonymously write on a piece of their demands and wishes: "There was one condition — that it was a positive slogans. Not" Down with the party of crooks and thieves, "and something constructive," — said Haim.

Then the artist collected from the leaves and glued them a huge canvas. The results were amazing — only a tiny percentage of people were able to articulate what they want is positive: free education, free healthcare, and so on. Half wrote something vague, such as "peaceful sky", the second half at all burst into personal dreams. It turned out that in the first place among the positives — the wish to herself and others to get married ("Every babe — by Navalny"). In second place was the desire to successfully pass the session. On the third — to find a good job. From all this, the artist made the following conclusion: "The rallies and marches in our country — it does not rally, it is the collective prayers. Paranormal act of mass conversion to the higher mind. Sometimes it accumulates to Putin, but more often simply drawn to anyone and nowhere — or rather, into space. "

Lead researcher of the Institute of Europe Roman Lunkin said "the danger of these studies": "In the end, that propaganda, which is the official channels, and is reflected in the opposition media. Turns out that through research and surveys and the opposition media and the government are working to discredit the protest the movement. " 

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