About Russophobian Norwegian film and Russian Arctic shelf

The Swedish production company Yellow Bird began work on the series, which will present the Russian invader Norway. According to the plot of the film "Occupied" occurs in the near future. According to the author, the popular Norwegian writer Yu Nesbit (Jo Nesbo), Russia will invade Norway to ensure an uninterrupted supply of oil to other countries.

— Ideas such films — it’s something of psychiatry. — Says the writer, editor in chief of the magazine "Russian commentator" Yegor Kholmogorov. — Of course, if our army today would be comparable in power with NATO could be a joke, that, well, thank you very much for the idea. But Russia today can not resist the North Atlantic alliance, which also includes Norway. As you know, unprovoked attack on one NATO country means that the country will defend the army all member states of the bloc.

The Norwegians are well aware of how to realize the fact that Russia is unlikely to come with her, even in a local conflict over Svalbard, which are now to be quietly assumed control.

Not only that, they are just that, thanks to the agreement signed by Dmitry Medvedev Medvedev, have received from us a huge chunk of the Barents Sea, which explored large hydrocarbon deposits.

Therefore, this film — a deliberate provocation and nonsense.

"SP": — What it could be related?

— I recently noticed a trend in films that deal with the Russian Arctic. Not long ago I reviewed the film "Oceans", which ended with howls that the Arctic will be ruined by human intervention. The aim — to create a background that will be favorable for aggressive actions against Russia. In the West, trying to convince their people that Russia has no right to a third of the Arctic zone, which historically belongs to us. We mastered it and we will continue to develop.

If we assume that global warming will make it more accessible to oil and gas exploration in the Arctic, we as things will get a huge portion is not involved natural resources of the planet.

In these circumstances, the West is growing number of politicians who are concerned in order to force Russia to share Arctic reserves.

"SP": — That is, of Russia, as before trying to make an enemy of Europe to deal with purely economic problems?

— This technology has worked for several centuries. Fundamentals of anti-Russian cordon were created in the 16th century. The Livonian Order and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth had already carried out an all-out trade and economic blockade of Russia. Do not miss our merchant ships to Europe, do not miss Russian artists scrambled to cut Russia off from the sea. Letters were distributed in Europe that Moscow is even worse threat of Turkish or Tartar. There is nothing fundamentally new in the 16th century was not invented. And often there is a substitution of concepts — Russia, another victim of aggression, declared itself the aggressor.

"SP": — Is there any hope that someday attitude to Russia in Europe will change, and similar technologies will not need?

— I think that once (if our own development will be an auspicious path) Europeans are aware that Russia is the last bastion of European civilization. After all, Western Europe is losing itself, is rapidly Orientalising, afrikaniziruetsya, morally degrading. The same Norwegians today it would be better to understand the reasons why they appear Breivik, instead of doing scared of Russia.

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