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The White Guards nobody was tortured, they were gentlemen who loved Schubert waltzes and French bread, and dungeons actually built Stalin, when the Jews, led by Lenin seized power and proletarians. Proletarians then did not remove galoshes, mocked the Transfiguration professor of dog heart and wanted to conquer the world. Meanwhile, Stalin destroyed the Russian people and the church.

Lack no ointment and zametochek stream of articles about the "good King-father", the noble white motion and oppose them red vampires Slayer. I’m not going to speak for no one, not for the other side. Just give the facts. Just the bare facts are taken from public sources, and nothing more. Abdicated Tsar Nicholas II was arrested March 2, 1917 General Mikhail Alekseyev — his chief of staff. The queen and the family of Nicholas II was arrested on March 7, General Kornilov Laurel — Commander of the Petrograd VO. Yes, the very future heroes of the founding of the White movement …


Lenin’s government has taken the responsibility for the country in November-17, proposed to the Romanov family to go to relatives — in London, but the British royal family refused to allow them to move to England.

The overthrow of the king welcomed the whole of Russia. "Even close relatives of Nicholas pinned on his chest red bows ", — Writes the historian Henry Joffe. Grand Duke Michael, whom Nicholas had intended to pass the crown, the throne refused. Russian Orthodox Church, committing perjury oath of allegiance to the church, welcomed the news of the abdication of the king.

Russian army officers.
57% supported him the White movement, of which 14,000 later switched to red. 43% (75,000 people) — just went for the Reds, that is, in the long run —more than half of the officers supported the Soviet power.

The first few months after the October uprising in Petrograd and Moscow were not in vain called "triumphant march of Soviet power." Of the 84 provincial and other major cities in just 15 she established as a result of the armed struggle. "At the end of November in all the cities of the Volga region, the Urals and Siberia, the Provisional Government no longer existed. She passed almost without resistance into the hands of the Bolsheviks, the Soviets were formed everywhere "- shows Major General Ivan Akulinin in his memoirs," Orenburg Cossack army to fight against the Bolsheviks 1917-1920. " "Just at that time — he writes on — in the army began to arrive from the Austro-Hungarian and Caucasian fronts combat units — shelves and battery, but rely on their help was absolutely impossible: they would not hear about the armed struggle against the Bolsheviks . "

Russian officers were divided in their sympathies …

How could under the circumstances Soviet Russia suddenly found itself in a ring of fronts?But as the end of February — beginning of March 1918 the imperialist powers of both warring coalitions in World War began large-scale armed invasion of our territory.

February 18, 1918German and Austro-Hungarian troops (about 50 divisions), went on the offensive from the Baltic to the Black Sea. For two weeks they occupied a vast space.

March 3, 1918Brest-Litovsk was signed, but the Germans were not stopped. Taking advantage of the agreement with the Central Rada (by then already firmly entrenched in Germany), they have continued their offensive in the Ukraine, on March 1, overthrew the Soviet authorities in Kiev and moved further to the east and south to Kharkiv, Poltava, LOTS, Nikolaev, Kherson and Odessa .

March 5German troops under the command of Major-General von der Goltz invaded Finland, where he overthrew the Finnish Soviet government.April 18German troops invaded the Crimea and Sevastopol captured on April 30.

Go tomid-JuneMore than 15 thousand German troops with air and artillery were in the South Caucasus, including 10 thousand in Poti and 5 th in Tiflis (Tbilisi).

Turkish troops operated in Transcaucasiamid-February.

March 9, 1918
British troops came to Murmansk on the pretext of … the need to protect the warehouses of military equipment from the Germans.

April 5
Japanese troops landed in Vladivostok, but under the pretext of … protection of Japanese nationals "from banditry" in this city.

May 25— The performance of the Czechoslovak Corps, levels of which were between Penza and Vladivostok.

Please be aware that the "white" (Generals Alekseev, Kornilov, Anton Denikin, Pyotr Wrangel, Admiral Alexander Kolchak), which played a role in the overthrow of the king renounced the oath of the Russian Empire, but did not accept the new government, began to fight for their own government in Russia.

Allied landing in Arkhangelsk, August 1918

In the south of Russia, where the act is basically a "Russian liberation forces," the situation was veiled form of Russian "White movement". Ataman "The troops of the Don" Pyotr Krasnov, when he pointed to the "German orientation" and set an example of "volunteers" Denikin, he replied: "Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen! Volunteer army clean and infallible.

But that’s me, Don Ataman, his dirty hands take German shells and cartridges, washes them in waves, and the quiet Don neat pass Volunteer Army! The shame of this case lies with me! ".

Alexander Kolchak, so beloved by "romantic hero" modern "intellectuals." Kolchak, violating the oath of the Russian Empire, the first on the Black Sea Fleet took the oath of allegiance to the Provisional Government.After learning about the October Revolution, presented to the British ambassador’s request for admission to the English army.The ambassador, in consultation with London, handed Kolchak direction on the Mesopotamian front. On the way there, in Singapore, he was overtaken by telegram Russian envoy in China Nicholas Kudasheva, invites him to Manchuria for the formation of Russian troops.

Killed by a Bolshevik

So, in August 1918 the armed forces of the Russian Federation are completely or almost completely opposed to foreign troops. "It would be a mistake to think that throughout this year, we were fighting at the front for the cause of the hostile Russian Bolsheviks. On the contrary, the Russian White Guards fought for our cause, "- Winston Churchill wrote later.

White liberators or murderers and robbers?Doctor of Historical Sciences Henry Ioffe in the journal "Science and Life" № 12, 2004 — and the magazine had to be noted in recent years, a staunch anti-Soviet — in an article about Denikin writes: "In the liberated territories of red was a real revanchist Sabbath. Returns the old masters, reigned outrage, robbery, terrible p
ogroms against the Jews … ".

On atrocities Kolchak’s troops are legendary.The number of killed and tortured in the dungeons of Kolchak was beyond recognition. Only in Yekaterinburg province was shot about 25,000 people.
"In Eastern Siberia committed horrible murders, but they are not committed by the Bolsheviks, as is usually thought I will not be wrong if I say — admitted later the witness of those events, U.S. General William Sidney Graves — that for every person killed by the Bolsheviks, had 100 people killed by anti-Bolshevik elements. "

"The ideology of" white on this issue was clearly expressed by General Kornilov:
"We went to the authorities to hang, and it was necessary to hang up, to come to power" …

The Americans and the Scots guard captured Red Army in Bereznik

"Allies" white movement — the British, French and other Japanese-exported all metal, coal, grain, machinery, engines and mechanics. Hijacked civilian ships and locomotives. Only from Ukraine Germans took to October 1918 52 thousand tons of grain and forage, 34 thousand tons of sugar, 45 million eggs, 53 thousand and 39 thousand horses, cattle. Going massive looting of Russia.

And the atrocities (not less bloody and mass — no one argues) the Red Army and the KGB read in the writings of a democratic press.This text is intended solely to dispel the illusions of those who admire the romance and nobility "white knights Russia." There was dirt, blood and suffering. Nothing else of war and revolution can not bring …

"White Terror in Russia" — so the book is well-known historian, doctor of historical sciences Pavel Golub. Collected in her documents and materials are not a stone was left from the widely circulating in the media and publications in historical fabrications and myths.

There was everything from demonstrations to force the invaders penalty Czechs Red

Let’s start with allegations of brutality and bloodthirsty Bolsheviks, who, they say, whenever possible, destroy their political opponents. In fact, the leaders of the Bolshevik Party were firmly and uncompromisingly treat them as being on their own bitter experience convinced of the need for decisive action. A first exercise some credulity and even carelessness. After just four months in October triumphantly marched from one end of the vast country, which was made possible thanks to the support of the Soviets an overwhelming majority of the people. Hence the hope that her opponents are themselves aware of the obvious. Many leaders of the counter-revolution, as seen in documentaries — Generals Krasnov, Vladimir Marushevsky, Vasily Boldyrev, a prominent political leader Vladimir Purishkevich, the ministers of the Provisional Government Alexei Nikitin, Kuzma Gvozdyov, Simon Maslov, and many others — were released under a fair word, although the hostility of the new government was not in doubt.

His word these gentlemen have broken by taking an active part in the armed struggle, organizing provocations and acts of sabotage against his own people. Generosity shown to the clear enemies of Soviet power, turned into thousands and thousands of additional casualties, pain and anguish of hundreds of thousands of people who supported the revolutionary changes. And then the leaders of the Russian communists did the inevitable conclusion — they were able to learn from their mistakes …

Tomichi carry a body shot of participants antikolchakovskogo uprising

Once in power, the Bolsheviks did not banned the activities of his political opponents. They are not subjected to arrest, allowed to produce their own newspapers and magazines, hold rallies and marches, etc. Popular Socialists, the Social Revolutionaries and Mensheviks continued their legitimate activities in the organs of the new government, from local councils and ending with the CEC. And, again, only after the transition of these parties to an open armed struggle against the new order of fractions of a decree of the CEC June 14, 1918 were excluded from the Soviets. But even then, opposition parties continued to operate legally. Were punished only those organizations or individuals who have been convicted of specific subversive activities.

Excavation of the grave in which are buried the victims of repression Kolchak March 1919, Tomsk, 1920

As shown in the book, the initiators of the Civil War, it became the Whites, who represented the interests of the overthrown exploiting classes. A push to it, as one of the recognized leaders of the White movement Denikin was a revolt of the Czechoslovak Corps, largely caused and supported by western "friends" of Russia. Without the help of these "friends" ringleaders Czechs, and then the White Guard generals would never have achieved considerable success. Even the invaders took an active part in the operations against the Red Army, and in acts of terror against the people in revolt.

Victims of Kolchak in Novosibirsk, 1919

"Civilized" Czechoslovak punitive dealt with his "brother Slavs" fire and bayonet, literally wiping out entire villages and countryside. In one Yeniseysk, for example, sympathy for the Bolsheviks were shot more than 700 people — nearly a tenth of living there. In suppressing the uprising of prisoners of Alexander the transit prison in September 1919, the Czechs shot them at close range with machine guns and cannons. The massacre lasted three days, from the hands of the executioners killed about 600 people. And such examples — are vast.

The Bolsheviks killed by Czechs near Vladivostok

By the way, the foreign invaders and actively contributed to the deployment of the Russian territory of new concentration camps for those who opposed the occupation or sympathized with the Bolsheviks. Started to set up a concentration camp still Provisional Government. This — an undeniable fact which is also silent debunkers "blood crimes" of the Communists. When in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk landed French and British troops, one of their leaders — General Poole on behalf of the allies vowed to ensure that northerners in the occupied territories, "the triumph of law and justice." However, almost immediately after the words on the captured invaders island Mudyug organized a concentration camp. Here is the testimony of those who happened to be there: "Every night, several people have died, and their bodies remained in the barracks until the morning. And in the morning appearances French sergeant and mischievously asked, "How many Bolsheviks now kaput?". Mudyug of imprisoned at more than 50 percent lost their lives, many have gone mad … ".

American invaders posing near the corpse of the murdered Bolshevik

After the departure of the British and French invaders in the North Russian power into the hands of the White Guard General Eugene Miller. He not only continued but intensified repression and terror, trying to stop a fast-paced process of "Bolshevisation the masses." The most brutal was the personification of their exiled convict prison in Iokanga that one of the prisoners described as "the most brutal, sophisticated method of exterminating people slow painful death." Here are excerpts from the memoirs of those who miraculously managed to survive in this hell: "The dead were lying on their bunks along with the living, and the living dead were no better: dirty, scabby, in tattered rags, rotting alive, they were nightmarish picture."

Red Army prisoner at work, Arkhangelsk, 1919

By the time of the release of the white Iokanga there from a thousand prisoners were 576 people, of which 205 were not able to move around.

The system of concentration camps such as shown in the book, was launched in Siberia and the Far East, Admiral Kolchak — most, perhaps all of the cruel rulers of the White Guard. They were created on the basis of a prison, and in those prison camps, which were constructed by the Provisional Government. More than 40 camps mode has driven nearly a million (914,178) people who rejected the restoration of the pre-revolutionary order. To this we must add on for about 75,000 people languishing in White Siberia. More than 520,000 prisoners hijacked to slave mode, almost no paid work in factories and agriculture.

However, neither Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago", nor in the writings of his followers, Alexander Yakovlev, Dmitry Volkogonova and others on this heinous archipelago — not a word. Although the same Solzhenitsyn begins his "Archipelago" to the civil war, zhivopisuya "Red Terror." A classic example of lies by the simple silence!

American hunters Bolsheviks

In the anti-Soviet literature on the Civil War and with a lot of anguish written about the "death of the barges," which, they say, the Bolsheviks used to crack down on the White Guard officers. In the book, Paul Holub presents facts and documents showing that the "barge" and "death trains" were actively and massively applied exactly the Whites. In the fall of 1918 on the Eastern Front, they suffered defeat by the Red Army in Siberia, and then reached out to the Far East, "barge" and "death trains" of prisoners in prisons and concentration camps.

When the "death trains" were in the Maritime region, they were visited by members of the American Red Cross. One of them — Byukeli wrote in his diary: "Up to the moment when we found this terrible caravan in Nikolsk, 800 passengers died from hunger, filth and disease … I saw the corpses of people whose bodies are still alive parasites eating away until until they died after months of daily excruciating torture of hunger, cold and mud. I swear to God, I am not exaggerating! .. In Siberia, the horror and death at every step on a scale that would have shocked the most callous heart … ".

Terror and death — that carried the people reject the pre-revolutionary regime, the White Guard generals. And this is not journalistic exaggeration. Kolchak himself openly said that he created a "chain of command": "The activities of the heads of county militias, special purpose units, all sorts of commanders, chiefs of individual units is a continuous crime." It would be good to reflect on these words to those who admire today, "patriotism" and "dedication" white movement that is supposedly in contrast to the Red Army defended the interests of the "Great Russia".

Red Army prisoners in Arkhangelsk

As far as the "Red Terror" that the dimensions were quite comparable with the white, and he wore a mostly reactive. This is recognized even General Graves, commander of the 10000th American housing in Siberia.

And it was not only in Eastern Siberia. So it was all over Russia.
However, the explicit recognition of the American General does not relieve him from guilt for participating in the massacres of the people rejecting the pre-revolutionary order. Terror against him was carried out jointly by the foreign interventionists and White armies.

In total, there were more than one million Russian invaders — 280,000 Austro-German infantry and about 850,000 British, American, French and Japanese. A cooperative venture of White Guard armies and their foreign allies inflict Russian "Thermidor" has cost the Russian people, even with incomplete data, it is very expensive: about 8 million killed, tortured in the concentration camps, died of wounds, hunger and epidemics. Same material losses of the country, according to experts, were staggering — 50 million gold rubles …

According to the materials varjag_2007 («Learn") and «NoMaDe» Constantine prepared Khitsenko

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