About USA. values, orders, rules ….

Described below category — it is a typical product of the American education system. This is, to put a term psychologists, self-created and samovospitannye (behind a computer screen, ignored by parents, deprived once communication with the public, which grew by one-way communication with the television show) specimens of the human race. They grew up without a traditional upbringing, because the law allows them to ignore their teachers and caregivers. They were brought up from childhood by gravity. This new generation of avant-garde, to break the old concept of human relations.

According to official statistics, in 2003, about 10 million of these "new men" have replaced traditional marital relationships cyber sex. Many of these children live in closets, and things are heaped in the middle of the room. Photos are under the wall to the floor because husbands can not hammer a nail into the wall. The cleanest place in their homes — this is the kitchen, which, spawn, did not smell of food. Their cuisine — "McDonalds", "CFS» (Kentucky Fried Chicken), and the like Fast Food.

Family — the original legal, economic, social, spiritual and cultural cell of any state. Condition of the family determines the nature and level of the whole society.

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary gives the following definition of the concept of "family": 1. a group of people of common ancestry, 2. a group of individuals living under one roof, under the supervision of the head; … 4. social group consisting of parents and children.

All three definitions, one way or another, include the traditional meaning of the term, as well as involve the traditional functions of each individual member of that original cell of society. In modern life, the nature of the functions "hunter" and "homemakers" long ago acquired a different meaning, as well as the "head of the family." The bottom line remains the same. If we are talking about interior design or just about creating comfort, then, in most cases, attribute it to the function of women, and the maintenance of the technical condition of the dwelling — to the responsibilities of men.

Speaking about the role of head of the family, would be correct to assume both spouses, as in today’s society, often, one person simply can not shoulder on his shoulders all the responsibilities of the head or take the decision alone. Anyway, in order to achieve success, everyone is trying to do for the family that he / she does best. And what does best, not a textbook suggests that lists the duties of the spouses, and the instinct of survival and self-preservation, that is — life itself.

Can you imagine what his wife is partially or completely deprived of such instincts, and have no idea what the family responsibilities of each? The question is likely to have caused a smile to your face, because this can not be. Sorry — you can!

In 1995, I worked as a technician in the laboratory of "Lentskrafterz." At the end of the next working week our team was going to go to a cafe or pizzeria. One of our new employee named Tracy, 26, said she could not come with us because she had to go to the paid courses. We wanted to know what courses she goes. Tracy was on the course "Family and Life." When I asked what was studying, she replied that they are taught how spouses should love each other, how many times per week and at what time it is best to have sex for the better preservation of the family. I wondered what was really to know, I want to have sex with her husband and when to do it, we should go to the courses. Is the desire does not arise naturally? Tracy said a calm, even tone that before the course she was not sure whether she had encountered the desire, since she did not know its symptoms. Because of this, she and her husband had problems.

They are also trained to cook. Tracy admitted that prior to the course she did not know any recipe breakfast and even had no idea of what is preparing scrambled eggs. Three-month course, 12 years ago, it cost almost $ 400.

Do not be surprised. You are viewing information about the people who practically do not touch with the real world, with nature. Believe me, most Americans do not know that laundry before drying can be unscrewed. Many adults do not know how to tuck his shirt into his pants and did not know how to tie his shoes, so in Hollywood movies you often see Americans in jackets, worn over a shirt or a shirt worn outside, in sneakers with no laces tied.

Europeans and CIS think it’s fashionable. This is not fashion. In America it is — the problem. You find it hard to believe that people live in the U.S., devoid of instincts and feelings. Come to Las Vegas in early January, when it’s 0 … +2 C in the daytime. The first thing that will surprise you — it’s a crowd of Californians and Arizonans, walking down the main street in shorts, flip-flops on bare feet and T-shirts with short sleeves. They do not huddle against the cold, but never engaged in quenching. Americans themselves about such talk: "The brain is not, there is nothing to freeze."

Police work, I often had to deal with crippled people. I could not get used to, when in my experience come across people who do not feel any pain after the shock passed. If you remember, I gave the example of the statistics: in 39.6% of children born in California in 2000, discovered the mental and physical defects because their parents abused drugs. Modern science has proven that children of drug addicts and alcoholics may be some areas of the brain atrophied. People born with partial or complete loss of sense (cold, heat, pain, thirst, need to go to the bathroom, sexual desire, etc.) can partially restore some instincts during exposure to the drug, which at one time, through parents , they are deprived of these feelings.

Every morning, America spends hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a cup of coffee. A large percentage of Americans prefer to spend up to $ 100 a month to buy ready-made coffee than to buy a coffee maker. In my American life was a lot of funny and curious when Americans did not know that we have to put a disposable coffee filter and, at a minimum — coffee, not to mention the fact that you need to pour the water. In my eyes an American who once angrily broke new coffee maker on the floor, screaming "This is cheating customers"!

Today in America are tens of millions of families. Their age group of 15 to 42 years. It is difficult to provide accurate statistics. First, because such families disintegrate rapidly. Second, what is the government wants to admit that it is engaged in the production and reproduction bezinstinktnyh, unemotional, irresponsible human-like species?

The distinguishing features of these individuals: for all events and phenomena they react the same way. Nothing can make them change their flat, without the emotional tone of voice and always the same, calm and indifferent glance. Outwardly, they appear to shy people. In fact, they are simply indifferent to everything around the world. They do not say what they think, because they do not think. They, of course, have their own thoughts, dreams and desires. But almost no logic thinking and associative relationship. Their daily speech consists of 200 — 250 words or 50 — 60 phrases and sentences, most of which they have learned by repeated daily television show.

C them dangerous to engage in emotional verbal contact, because they are unpredictable. Once at the electronics store "CompUSA" came the buyer. He needed parts for the assembly of a new computer. Sold, a 23-year-old Jason, went to work in the shop recently. He was able to
answer customer questions. Buyer irritably asked Jason why he works as a shop in this store, if he does not know, and asked for help from the manager of the department. manager While helping the buyer to choose the right parts, Jason took a short break. Coming out of the store, the buyer was met by two shots to the chest. Jason sat down next to the victim , put the gun next to the asphalt and calmly lit a cigarette, waiting for the police. Upon arrival, the police, and he continued to sit on the pavement. Resistance did not have. When the policeman asked Jason why he did it, he, lowering his gaze to the asphalt, without emotion said: "He’s got me."

These individuals (if you do not like the word "individuals", I can call them zombies) socially dangerous when they are behind the wheel, because they do not know anything, except for the three traffic light colors. They do not know usually left turn or right-hand rule. At the intersection with four stop signs, they can stand for 5-7 minutes, not knowing when it is possible to start moving. But worst case, when the same intersection, they do not stay.

You can see them every day. They typically work in large stores. For some reason, like to work in shops selling electronics, which do not understand.

Characteristic that they do not live. They are there because most of the time in the queue for Velfere or an interview on the 30th work. In the previous 29 interviews they have given up, because they did not pass the test for the absence of drugs. Part of the time they spend on useless lectures of various government programs or courses on "How to stop being a drug addict and become a responsible head of the family", "How to stop beating your wife", "How to control his temper," and so on.

Unfortunately, this category of "homo sapience" in America is increasing every year, because in the U.S. today there are almost no such student, who did not try the drugs. Homeland does not consider them the dregs of society. They — just "the fate of the excluded people with whom it is necessary to work. "And the state works with them by sending a program to the program. government is profitable. Paying velfer, it immediately takes it back for training these individuals what any normal person learns naturally.

They are willing to take the army. Many people have become good soldiers. Deprived of the instinct of self-preservation, they boldly go on the attack. Deprived of feeling pain, they do hurt others. Today they kill without remorse Iraqi civilians and raping minors, perhaps because they "all got."

They are unique in that they clearly know what they want and at the same time absolutely do not know what they want and what they need. So right off the point, and I want to give advice to future Russian immigrants in America: "If you feel that you need to become such an American than to be bleak Russian and want to gain popularity among them, you need to learn only 5 words and expressions vossap dud ( what’s up, dude?) — what’s up, buddy, den (yes), Knope (no), aronnou (I don’t know), aronkea (I don’t care). Key letter "p" instead of "d" in the word "don’t", «u" instead of "yu" in the word "dude" will show your lazy and indifferent attitude.’s It! Take you right to the team avant-garde. "

According to tradition, the family — is the cell responsible for the upbringing of their children with such qualities as honesty, integrity, kindness, love, and respect for others and so on. Parents teach children traditions introduced to the spiritual values of the society in which they live, train etiquette.

Family model is not always the ideal pattern because of factors such as divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, unemployment, or even temporary difficulties. But people familiar with the notion of "family values" as a rule, seek to recover, if not perfect, then at least a solid model of the family. But in the second half of the 20th century in America, the concept of "family ties" and "family values" in some part, but somewhere completely changed its meaning. Many American critics blame the Legislature Government, politicians, Hollywood, and even a church tax office.

We already know that the government controls the American family, and can, under any pretext to interfere in its affairs. I should add that it also has the right to involve parents in administrative and criminal penalties for violations and crimes of their children. Parents are simply shrug off a loss. After all, for education, sometimes requiring the physical punishment of children — also the administrative and criminal liability. And what to do if verbal education for a child is not enough?

So, sadly, in America, a lot of parents who, deprived of parental rights, throw up their hands and leave their children in the care of the state. Many simply can not afford the procedure the child’s return home. After the termination of parental rights "child abuser has six months to attend a class for child (parenting class), which is worth up to $ 1,000. When picking up a child from the orphanage, parents also have to pay its contents in a shelter. And if parents want to have to deal with unmanageable offspring that next time will go just as well with them?

Parents have a right to be angry for the fact that the system denies them educate and influence their child. Children return home from the public shelters too angry, because at the time deprived themselves of home comfort. Mutual hatred and alienation sometimes bring both sides to the limit. Children kill their parents. And over the past five years, cases of murder of children by their parents.

A lot of fuel to pour Hollywood and the media network. Scandalous show: "brilliant Hollywood intrigue", "daily dozen", "E News", "Paradise City" likes to watch all of America. Scandalous divorce with sections of multi-million dollar property, love affairs, intrigues, the arrests of "stars" for drug use, sex life of Jackson chewing or savoring the Clinton connection with Monica and much more — all this is an example and imitated for Americans. Many of those who do not know how to build and organize their own family life, enjoy life examples of Hollywood stars and implement them in your life as if it is an advertisement of another food or toothpaste.

Just one of the acclaimed all over America example, when two of Hollywood postanovschitsy, Melissa Ethridge and her roommate Julia Kipmer decided to have children and asked the musician from the "Rolling Stones", David Crosby to help them do this. In 2000, lesbians publicly opened their secret, saying correspondents that their child does not need any moral or material support of his true biological father. Crosby, in turn, said that no paternal feelings for the child does not feel so at the request of the above made only spermovym donor. Over the next year and a half the number of children in the country who were born without fathers has tripled.

The government has expressed deep concern and even threatened to decline and deprivation of privileges Velfera those mothers who refuse to register the biological father of their child. In the country there was a series of television programs in an attempt to stop the new trend of young mothers — single. As for the latter, 80% of them thoughtlessly condemned themselves and their children, at least a dozen years of existence due to an unsecured state handouts.

U.S. federal law, under the threat of termination of parental rights and / or imprisonment, prohibits parents to leave their children unattended or alone at home 12 years. Pleasure, in which children have turned out, turns around for the majority of young single mothers regular American "Catch-22" (stalemate).
They can not get a job because of the high cost of nurseries and gardens. In the U.S., there is no public preschools, and private are prohibitively expensive.

Those singles with children who do not receive the support of their parents, are forced to deal exclusively with their children 24 hours a day. But velfera income is only enough for basic needs of the family. No-nonsense mother — a single can not afford. The only way to temporarily improve their hopeless lives without thinking about tomorrow — is to give birth to the new "poor" and for them to receive additional benefits.

And once again I want to stress that we are not talking about individual cases, but about 30% of the financially troubled American families of the 51% of families where children are growing up without a father. Not every young mother who feels pleasure only visually through the TV screen, or virtually through a computer monitor can sustain such a lifestyle.

Therefore, over time, almost all individuals have psychological problems and mental disorders. In 2006, the 28-year-old native of the state of Massechussetts thrown from the bridge into the river 4-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. When the judge asked why she did it, the mother stated that her children were the offspring of Satan and often appeared in front of her with horns and tails.

Las Vegas, Nevada in the last seven years to ten counts of criminal precedents in the summer of 45 — 50-degree heat mothers leave their children in cars with the windows closed and left more than an hour to shop. In all but one case, the children suffocated by the heat. On questioning and in court four mothers admitted that they did it intentionally.

Speaking of the young American parents in the age group of 16 to 30 years, it must be emphasized that the social, mental, psychological maturation and growing up the vast majority of Americans is much slower than in other countries. This is, again, due to the backward educational system, the lack of transfer of parental experience and skills (which are not parents themselves), with artificial / virtual knowledge of the world, the standard of education of the young generation of the American nation.

So often from immigrants or tourists visiting the United States, you’ve probably heard statements such as "adult children", "nepuganye fools." If the countries of the CIS, and Latin America in the 20 years the majority of guys become men and women — mothers know all the rules of labor to feed and care for newborns, 99% of Americans and Americans do not know anything. Moreover, they are not psychologically ready to become adults, not only in 20 years, but at thirty.

Therefore, in the United States, there are many government-sponsored programs, support and assistance to families and young mothers — alone. These programs include a full course of standard and detailed guide: the rules of hygiene and marital sex, class, preparation for childbirth, detailed advice on newborn care, psychological counseling to parents of stress.

For a full working families these public courses — are not free. In order to qualify for the free program, the annual income of parents / parent must not exceed 9,000 dollars a year. The feedback on the web page of my book readers have expressed the view that in the countries of the former Soviet Union the situation of young people is no better than in America. That’s right: another product of American exports, "thanks" to the Internet, as well as an increased perception of the former Soviet people of another culture, without the knowledge of its foundations, has successfully entered the Eastern European market.

For example, an American fashion for tattoos and piercing (piercing) has infected all of Europe. Although the Americans have no idea about what the story of the origin of tattoos. Europe blindly accepted this disgusting product deterioration of the human body. It is unlikely that Russian or Ukrainian young people thought about the consequences of infectious American fashion. According to the results of clinical trials of many medical universities in the U.S. and other countries (for example, take three to Albukverke, New Mexico, in Detroit, Michigan and in Frankfurt am Main, Germany), 88% of the people doing the tattoo and piercing are at direct risk of contracting hepatitis A. 26 % of them — hepatitis B. 6% of 88% — hepatitis C, which actually is incurable and fatal.

In America itself the treatment of hepatitis B is covered by health insurance. As well as all government offices and most major private companies conduct an annual review of all staff and hepatitis vaccinations. In addition, Americans have forgotten to tell the world that they themselves tattooed on many of the works do not take, and that the questionnaires of many companies and government agencies have a question, "Do you have a tattoo and / or piercing?"

Returning to the structure of the American family, talk about the role of the "fathers" who contributed to the creation of multi-million dollar club of mothers — single. Just specify that we are talking about are not registered in a marriage partner. The U.S. government has long been allocated to them a bit, so to speak, without the text: "Hand over the blood on the DNA, pay alimony — free."

U.S. federal law requires the official registry of each biological father to his offspring. The mechanics of this procedure is the following: during pregnancy, a woman (or risk losing state aid) is required to fill out a form with the data of the potential father. Father sent a notice requiring a blood DNA and pay for it 850 — 1000 dollars. America — the country of the free, and the father has the right to refuse it on unnecessary expense. Then the state provides to his father in court. Court opens a "quasi-criminal" case (the official term) and leads it to the DNA test is mandatory. If the father and the child’s DNA match, the father of the "guilty of fatherhood" (the official legal term — found guilty of paternity). Based on this conviction, in addition to the costs for DNA testing, the potential father pays more and court costs.

The Court also awards the biological father to pay child support to your child, that is, about 1/3 the salary. The reader is a logical question arises: "Why is a potential father can not just verbally acknowledge his paternity?" The government does not accept verbal or written recognition. It requires a de facto recognition to further the child’s father did not try to challenge the case in court.

It would seem that justice is done. Males forced "sleigh carry" and the life of a single mother with a child-polusirotoy should be better. In fact, the state has not tried them, but only for themselves. After velfer not rubber. Handicapped families living below the poverty line in America, every year it becomes more and more. All the benefits are not enough.

And it would not be enough, if America did not adopt the new law "on benefits to immigrants," according to which all immigrants, except for political refugees may qualify for financial benefit only once in America will live 10 years and one day. In other words, when immigrants need help the most, it will not give. No one — nothing! As a joke, though write together, though separately.

And there was the lone easier with the kids? Alas, no. If you receive child support to his mother — a single state received an allowance of $ 800 and $ 600 dollars alimony, the allowance is automatically reduced to $ 200. But now the club and he added a poor biological father.

With an average salary of $ 1,700 a month after taxes (I take the best option), less maintenance, less a minimum of $ 700 for rent of apartments is 400 dollars to pay the bills, food, petrol, insurance. After reading these figures, any Russian immigrant living in A
merica, you would say that a man with such income each month gets into debt by at least $ 400-500. A year later — two kind of life he declares bankruptcy, give up work, and velfer with open arms to accept a new non-productive member of society.

In all this fuss unless the parents have time for love and attention to children? Children are brought up by numerous community organizations. They are involved in educational, academic, sporting and educational programs. 95% of organizations are based on a voluntary basis, and there are, like private businesses, state-sponsored and large corporations. The money allocated last to go on the tax write-off. Programs often are not professionals, and retirees — volunteer for a small increase in their pension. The professional level of the majority of programs and activities is very low. There is no technique.

However, single parents gladly send their children there, to get a little break from the daily routine uninterrupted. But the main carers of children in all families — it’s a TV and a computer. These appliances act as intermediaries between parents and children. If the parents can not care for their children and are not their role models, the heroes of the transmission, cartoons, shows, video games completely replace them parents. The state, instead of support, pushing the family into debt and bleeds all the parties together, bringing them to hate each other. A media industry in that it helps.

The scandal, bloated all over the country by all available media after Lorain Bobbitt cut off the penis with scissors to her boyfriend and threw it out the window, caused a huge wave of hatred sexes to each other. As a result of such relationship, a new, nationwide standard terminology that characterizes each of the parties.

Men, for the eyes of all women characterize the term "certified / licensed bitch", women call men "vibrator with a wallet," adult children are called "geeks" and "pieces of shit." And children, if they are not yet able to handle an ax or a gun, just send parents and all adults are 4 letters (f … you). The only constraint on all sides of the factor — it is a strict state law.

In the U.S., there is another family group — gay men and lesbians. They are 1/10 of the total population or 30 million people. Unfortunately, a variety of statistical sources provide very different information about how many percent of them is on the site. The numbers range from 12 to 20 million. From reliable sources it is known that only 56% of these people were the original biological predisposition to homosexuality and lesbianism. The remaining 44% chose this way of life intentionally, overcoming their true biological needs.

And how paradoxical it may sound like, but to date gay men and lesbians — is the most stable and responsible family group in the country with a deep understanding of family values. I will not philosophize on the topic that led these people to take sexual orientation and the creation of non-traditional families. But I can safely say that the feminist movement in the ’60s, the legal restrictions of free relations between people of the opposite sex, and weight of judicial precedents gradually caused the nation severe psychological trauma and full embarrassed both sexes. American women have long lost any femininity, and men — confidence. The image of what should be, and those and others, has been lost.

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