Academ Telecom and Technoserv have created a monitoring system of metering of energy consumption for OJSC MIPC

The company "Technoserv" and JSC "KOMKOR" (trademark "Academ Telecom") have created an automated monitoring system of metering of energy consumption for the Moscow United Energy Company (OJSC "MIPC").


The general contractor for the project is "KOMKOR" (brand name "AKADO Telecom"), whose network is the backbone of telecommunications infrastructure system integrator and project — the company "Technoserv."

The system was one of the first successful large-scale projects based on the technology of M2M. The new system provides simultaneous on-line monitoring of more than 23 thousand items, including various types of metering energy into building fund of Moscow. The system is based on an integrated infrastructure that combines fixed network "Academ Telecom" with the use of technology IP / MPLS, MetroEthernet, HFC, and — in the absence of the possibility of using terrestrial channels — mobile network operator MTS mode GPRS. To transfer data to the network "AKADO Telecom" was established VPN, and on the MTS network uses a special security protocol. The data accumulated in the main monitoring center "Academ Telecom", as well as in the monitoring center OJSC "MIPC".

System is based on Microsoft products CA Technologies.

"Introduced in OJSC "MIPC" metering system for monitoring energy consumption — an example of truly innovative approach to business, — Noted Alexander Lebedev, Deputy General Director of OJSC "MIPC" Information Technology, speaking at the IV professional forum "Information technology and measurement in power." — The system significantly reduces the time of detection and response to the problem points, and to identify trends in equipment failures and reduce disaster recovery time metering of consumption. "

"The market of on-line monitoring of telecommunication systems, there is little mastered by Russian companies, but has a high growth potential, — Notes Leonid Gushturov, General Director of "KOMKOR" (trademark "Academ Telecom"). — As a leading energy company in the capital, MOEK became one of the first to actively introducing advanced information technologies in public services. "

"The project for JSC "MIPC" and JSC "KOMKOR" became a non-trivial and professionally interesting challenge for the "Technoserv", — Noted Irina Surkov, director of the department of applied solutions company "Technoserv." — For 6 months, we have been able to integrate into a single information environment data of the 6 information systems that operate on different access technologies, organize relevant data in a single window, which allows operators to monitor the system to receive complete and accurate information picture all over Moscow. Data collected by the system are the basis for business analysis of "MIPC" and interaction with consumers of. "

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