Academic Treshnikov arrived to the shores of Antarctica

The new research vessel "Akademik Treshnikov" fell into the raid of the Russian Antarctic station "Bellingshausen", reported in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.


Ship Science, built "Admiralty Shipyards" and passed Roshydromet October 10, 2012, was released on December 21 on its maiden voyage to the shores of six continents. The transition takes place on a set schedule, complex emergency situations on board were observed. During a campaign tested all 11 onboard scientific laboratories with modern measurement systems to study the upper atmosphere and surface, and the surface of the water column of the ocean, sea ice, the nature of the relief and bottom sediments of oceans and seas.

In the near future, a three-week trial in the ice of Antarctica, then "Academic Treshnikov" will return to the "Bellingshausen", unload food supplies and scientific equipment of the polar expedition, will replace the wintering part of the station and go to their native shores. Arrival in St. Petersburg is scheduled for April 11.

At the same time off the coast of the Sixth Continent is the flagship of the Russian polar fleet "Akademik Fedorov",
serving the Antarctic and Arctic flights for over 20 years.


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