According to countless requests: in Russia creates a brand new fighting vehicle for the Marine Corps

This year will begin research on the latest combat machine Sea Infantry (BMMP). Such a machine is fairly necessary, especially taking into account the strengthening of the role of the Marine Corps in the development plans of the Armed Forces.

It is necessary to see that the problem of armored vehicles for the Marine Corps (MT), is more acute than the problem of equipping airborne units. And if the commander in chief of Navy still managed to reach adopting the latest battle machine (BMD-4M), the MP unit as previously required to dispense wheeled and tracked armored personnel carriers. And this despite the fact that the need for battle Machines with more serious weaponry has long been not disputed.

Sea and air assault operations have the same features: units have to operate at a distance from their own databases and use a limited set of tools gunships. Naturally, sea infantry less limited in weight and dimensions of its own armored vehicles than the Navy. On arms are tanks (one battalion in the Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet). But on the whole firepower MP does not match the tasks that lie before her.

The machine, which has serious firepower needed long ago, because "the boat with a gun" — Amphibious Tank PT-76 was derived from the states of MP in 1989. And this machine even been created — BMP-3F, naval modification of the BMP-3. But the Marines did not get this machine. In the opinion of the Armed Forces, it did not meet modern requirements, although the Marines involved in the development of this machine, tested it, was pleased and encouraged the early adoption for service. Already assembled machines Ministry of Defence refused to buy. And they, along with additional built were sold to Indonesia — where the car felt completely modern and even the right of states located on the islands.

It is difficult to say how the evaluation of BMP-3F was impartial. On draped with an epic war machine and landing on the rejection of the BMP-3F is affected by several events. And at first — the desire to get the big machine to all the armed forces, it is unified, and owns the best features in comparison with what existed at that time. This machine created at this point in the ROC "Kurganets." But to make the car really versatile — it's hard.

One of the basic requirements for a promising car, is to improve the high quality of its security. This can be achieved 3 ways: the design features, increased armor protection and the use of technological protection measures (dynamic protection — DZ, active protection systems — KAZ, optronic oppression — KOEP, masking agents, etc.). The last two paths beckon inevitably increase the mass of the machine, which is inconsistent with the requirements of the Navy and the MP. Airborne are limited by weight, related to air transportation technology, you need a car for MP is not just "float", and excellent swimming. This quality is also directly depends on the weight of the machine. Make the car better protected constructively without increasing weight — can be. For example, the engine-transmission unit (ITO), located in front, stepping up protection of the crew from the fire in front of the projection machine and allows the assault force dismount rear of the machine, rather than through the top hatches. This assembly was used on the BMP-1 and BMP-2, the assembly is adopted for the new "Kurgan". But it has an impact on rassredotachivanie weight and load the machine in different positions: a heavy "nose" is not the best way affects driving performance on the water, also has an impact on some of the machine on the cross.

BMP-3 MTO taken back fighting and troop compartments. And the center of its mass is very close to the lowest point of the hull. Because the machine has Terminations handling control on varying terrain and confidently behaves afloat. This assembly is fully satisfied and the Navy and MP, because their driving characteristics more important than security. This is a more mobile type of troops that need very mobile and transportable equipment.

The basic requirement for them is the highest firepower. And with that weapon system BMD-4M and BMP-3F — all right. Eminent "triad" consisting of a machine gun, 30-mm automatic cannon and a 100-mm rifled gun, capable of conducting fire as ordinary shells and guided missiles, long became the hallmark of Russian combat vehicles. Firepower and versatility with this complex for a long time yet fail to match the best standards of foreign technology. It just may be upgraded through the creation and improvement of advanced weapons systems management tools (LMS) that will allow it to remain completely contemporary yet very durable. And the Navy managed to achieve getting the combat vehicle, which they consider themselves good.

As for BMP-3F, it is very adapted for combat operations in the coastal zone of the coast and landing marines. It is able to drive traffic to the rough sea in three points, conduct aimed fire with water with waves at two points, for a long time to stay afloat, towed through the water monotype machine under its own power loaded with water on amphibious landing craft and amphibious ships, and even move them in tow. I wish to see that this is not just a ton, created to deliver sea Preserving the infantry or transport it by land — a real fighting machine. BMP-3F also be referred to as "the boat with a gun," like the good old one PT-76. In general, we can congratulate the Indonesian marines.

It should be said that the assumption of armament Navy BMD-4M has brought a kind of disorder in the unification of the middle platform on caterpillar combat arms. Maybe it is not as flawless assembly "Kurgan" for the requirements of the MP, has led to the fact that for the Marine Corps creates a brand new car. In terms of purchases of Defense for 2013 research project named "Platform-BMMP" — research to develop a promising platform for BMMP marine units of the Navy. The word "platform" and means that will be created by a number of military vehicles on a common basis. And this base will be different from BMP-3 (which created the BMD-4M), and from the "Kurgan". Perhaps it is true, as will allow better take into account features of combat missions MP and get a machine that owns the really best features in comparison to the fact that there is at the moment. That's just her appearance would have expected a couple of years, both in his time expected paratroopers.

Still need to add that the latest BMMP should not be confused with the car, which had the same title, but created with a BMP-3F Kurganmashzavod. Then it was a "budget" version of the same machine on the platform of the BMP-3, but with lighter weapons — a tower with a 30-mm gun of the BMP-2. At the moment we are talking specifically about the newest platform. Perhaps it would be best to have a seaworthy properties are not to the detriment of security. As for the weapon system, it can be though of how existing or only creates — the ability to accommodate different weapons on a common platform is currently provided at the stage of requirements specification.

And more. In some early editions of works by BMMP spoken of as the "floating BMP for" Mistral ". In a certain way this is correct, as DVKD class "Mistral" is intended also for the Marine Corps (as it should, and for its military hardware.) But we should not assume that this war machine created specifically for any particular ship or, even more so, is it part of a multi-functional. It will be a fighting vehicle for the Marine Corps, which has long been expected, and which has long been needed.

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