According to experts, Ukraine may soon come in handy army

Availability armed forces in crisis fundamentally criteria for at least some of the country — and Ukraine is no exception. This was "Rosbaltu" said Ukrainian political analyst Yuri Romanenko.

The role of the army in his words in terms of impermanence only grows. "And when the world falls in the period of" turbulence "availability of power resources makes the country more secure. Any state that has no power to protect themselves and are unable to properly respond to information Advocacy — play out, "- said the expert.

Romanenko said Ukraine is placed in one of the major European regions. "Friedman says that one of the main issues is the relations between Russia and Germany. Ukraine and Poland in this situation will play a critical role, as found in the watershed. Alliance between Germany and Russia will oppose Poland. With all of this the United States will support the Polish economy and its armed forces. In such a situation it is natural point of conflict will appear on the periphery of Ukraine ", — says the analyst.

He also recalled the situation in Transnistria and Moldova. "If you look at the situation with the elections in Transnistria: Becomes natural that Moscow "merges" Smirnov. So makarom Our homeland can not give consent reintegration of Transnistria to Moldova. At the same time, Moldova positions in favor of unification with Romania are strong enough. In this case, Ukraine will have difficulties on its own south-western borders as Transnistria was practically buffer "- said Romanenko.

"In this area, Ukraine may be involved in any conflict. And the question is about the possibility of Ukraine to protect its borders. Previously, Romania, claims on the Danube Island, but if you have previously had an army of Odessa region, now there will not be typed and division. Availability trouble spots in Ukrainian foreign policy just confirms the need for the army Ukraine should be stock, which may be included in the game if necessary ", — concluded the analyst.

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