According to Far Eastern shipped the first refrigerated train crash with seafood

The first refrigerated train crash with seafood on the new schedule posted on September 1, the station Cape Churkin (Far Eastern Railway, Far Eastern Railway) to Ekaterinburg. The press-service of JSC "Russian Railways".

As part of refrigerated train car 41-thermos, the total weight of the load is nearly 2.5 tons. In Yekaterinburg train will arrive on September 9.

It is noted that the JSC "Russian Railways" continues to increase the number of accelerated delivery refpoezdov Pacific seafood to consumers in Russia. Since the start of the season in the western regions of the 16 compositions sent more than 25 tons.

"The use of technology accelerated refrigerated trains to reduce the time of delivery of goods, improve the utilization of rolling stock and to reduce the cost of transportation," — the report indicates.

To send a new freight train, a special schedule of follow-up, according to which the fish will be delivered to the station to Cape Churkin consumers Urals up to 8 days (faster on day 1), to the central regions of the country — 14 days (faster for 2 days).

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