According to professionals, RF evenly loses part of its sovereignty in the sphere of military-technical policy

Not so long ago, Supreme Commander of the Russian army, President Dmitry Medvedev announced the phrase actually became airborne, "Junk do not buy." She sounded in Gorki near Moscow at a meeting with the head of the country's Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and products concerned Russian military-industrial complex.

You can listen endlessly or peruse the tone for this word — "junk" — that unintentionally flew from the illustrious mouth, and his back is not shoving. From the context it appears that the guarantor does not consider all the products of the Russian defense industry notorious junk, but the very means the opportunity to say: look, then turn up their prices, whether it is healthy, but you do not yawn, stare … I quote: "Defense should climb inside of each order, it is — a lot of money," and then — it's just the most unkind word.

The reaction on the part of the defense, of course, to be expected. Located in the middle of the year without the state defense order, it was also hurt so flattering attitude of supreme power. The response was long-winded, faster resembling a cry of despair and actually pre-doomed to trouble trying to get through to the president, who, of course, report knows what. In the text posted on the official website of the Federation of Trade Unions-independent, collective creator reminds all and puts quite a design requirements. Specifically generally abandon the practice of arms imports — with rare exceptions, when you need to explore the unknown technology.

Moreover, one could even put up with the practice, when a number of cases the value given to various zabugornom producers, if only against this background that there was no infringement of the rights of certain employees of the Russian defense industry. "We have information about the purposeful understatement salaries of defense companies in the procurement of defense products destination. In enterprises with the concurrence of wages in the value of the Municipal Defense Order (Goza) in 2011, the Ministry of Defence has lower wages in comparison with 2010 by 15-20%. With all of this does not take into account the average salary in the company under the current collective bargaining agreement, the average wage in the region is not fully reflected in the rise in prices for the metal, raw materials and energy "- the document says. Such is the exciting savings from the acquisition seems to be "not junk." It can only be for a moment put yourself in the place of the normal defense officials, that actually feel physical pain of resentment.

The letter is given and a list of demands addressed to President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federal Assembly and the Security Council of the Russian Federation: "1. The legislation to ban the purchase of Russian Federation Ministry of Defense foreign military equipment for the constant supply of Russian army. 2. The decision to purchase foreign military equipment in the absence of the respective Russian counterparts should be in each specific case considered by the Security Council of the Russian Federation. 3. On conclusion of the state defense order the wages of employees of defense companies do not have to be below the limit that the collective contract and the branch tariff agreement. "

And finishing chord signing this appeal-independent chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Mikhail Shmakov Russian Federation and Chairman of the Association of Russian defense industries industry unions Andrew Chekmenev claimed "urgent action to ensure full and timely funding of Gozan, to stop the economic undermining Russian defense industry and avoid liquidation sverhtehnologichny millions of jobs" .

Open letter to the Association of Russian defense industries industry unions and the Federation of Trade Unions-independent of, addressed to the supreme power, including the president, for KM.RU commented first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, captain of the first rank, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov:

— Let's start with the fact that the meaning of such statements is always there, because they show the determination of the working class, engineers, technical staff of the fight for the preservation of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation to provide security. Plus it affects social interests of the people working in the defense industry. And the fact that they currently apply to the president — is positive, as it will be worse if they go to the streets and start of the strike. And it will inevitably happen if we continue that course, which We currently imposes Mr. Medvedev.

Now as for the topic itself purchases of foreign military equipment. This means that the Russian Federation is losing part of its sovereignty in the sphere of military-technical policy. Simply put, the acquisition of foreign weapons Our homeland is dependent on foreign manufacturers of military equipment for a variety of positions, first in the supply of arms to the resulting devices. We have to get in the same countries, special lubricants, special ammunition, which runs newfound technology.

So Makarov, Russian Federation is obliged to make demands of those countries from which it imports machinery, as regards its implementation. In the unlikely event exporting countries just finished delivery devices, and the acquisition of equipment no longer be able to be used. This, in turn, means that the whole units and having armed with this technique will be incapable of fighting.

Adoption by armament foreign military equipment and also implies that the training of personnel in this arsenal will be carried out in those countries where it is done. This is natural and normal, as specifically in the producing countries and you can learn from the experience of using this technology. The learning process of our military professionals abroad, of course, imposes on them a certain mark. And already the solution of problems related to the use of troops, they trained military will not fully reliable, especially when it comes down to clash with those countries, where they took possession of the new technologies.

It is clear that modern military equipment is packed full of electronics very different purposes. With all of this crucial role is played here by computing operating systems. These systems, such as Windows, and others are closed, ie to get into their design is not realistic. The manufacturer also can set it different so-called. "Bookmarks". With all of this can be said that software for military applications — open, but that does not negate the ability to put in the program from the hidden codes. There are also hardware tabs that are hidden, not cut one in techno records. And the team from the outside, they can cause damage to equipment in a jiffy. Namely, it came specifically with anti-aircraft missile systems "Hawk", which was once delivered to Iraq. And when we started military action in "Operation Desert Storm", they knocked out only one team from a satellite in low Earth orbit.

Foreign armament, usually much more expensive than Russian. Accordingly, the funds allocated for the purchase of foreign weapons, go to the development of the military-industrial complex of the exporter: the French, who supply the 'Mistral', the Italians, who sell vehicles Iveco … They are in the money are developing their industrial base, engineering design research schools. With all of this our defense enterprises are idle and no development for themselves simply can not afford. That is it — a real blow to our military-industrial complex.

So Ma
kar, the statement of Mr. Medvedev that we need to consider the possibility of purchasing foreign weapons, evidence of one of the 2-hoo: either he has malice against the defense of our country, or is it — witness his latest incompetence in matters of military and technology policy. Despite the fact that he, as commander in chief, obviously does not have to be a complete amateur.

At the current time, the Russian Federation has a top range of technologies necessary for the production of military equipment. And the technique that is being bought by us from abroad — French, Italian, German — exported to countries that take a ranking of countries — exporters of military equipment in some places 6 th, 7 th, 10 th place. Our homeland is the same, for a moment, second place in the list of exporting countries! That is our armament significantly superior in quality, and French, and German, Italian and even more so, especially on the aspect of "cost-effectiveness". And others who think their money (and believe thoroughly), purchasing our armament.

Saudi Arabia with pleasure buys our BMP-3, which are watered gryazyuku notorious Mr. Popovkin, our purchases of T-90 India, which is also considered a means, and which by his own military-technical development has actually caught up with Russia, if not surpassed. On the basis of our T-90 and T-72 Chinese do own tank, on armament take our 125-mm cannon. This list could be endless. Acquire the Su-30, Su-27, MiG-29 … Such a range of armed vehicles the same Italy in the international arena can not imagine. Because we do not need to be taught by some of their technology: we have our own technology.

But even if there is such enthusiasm — to get some new technology that is completely natural and normal, no need to buy equipment tyschami units: in such cases zatarivaemsya individual standards specifically for the purpose of studying the technology. When a Russian time wanted to get technology from Germany or the UK or the U.S. — have bought 5 copies of the tank "Christie" on the basis of which we had made a series of tanks BT-5, BT-2 and BT-7, which waged war in the stateliness Russian war. In the UK, was bought by the six-ton "Vickers" in the amount of 9 units on the basis of which it was made tank T-26. When we wanted to explore the German planes, we bought 2-3 units "Me-110", "Me-109", "Ju-177." And when we purchase thousands of Italian cars Iveco, 4 "Mistral" — this is not the generation of new technologies, and the undermining of the defense and settlement of Russian Federation, Russian defense industry.

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