According to Rogozin, in 2012, problems with the state defense order will not be

Go toak passed yesterday RIA "Novosti", the problem with the municipal defense order, which took place in 2011, will not be repeated. Performance defense procurement is faster than a year ago. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Known disputes the Ministry of Defence and the defense industry companies about the price of military products almost led to the breakdown of GOZ-2011. By the end of the year, November 9, the latest treaties GOZ-2011 — for the construction of nuclear submarines "Ash" (Project 885) and the "Northwind" (Project 955) — signed in Severodvinsk in the presence of Vladimir Fishing season.

Rogozin said: "The situation today, the contrast is different from what it was last year."

According to the vice-premier, information on accommodation SDO is going every week.

Rogozin said that in comparison to last year, "we are here and there at the first of April last year. In other words, go ahead … " Rogozin expressed the hope that more will not appear such situations (including the "resonance character"), despite the fact that today's year — "year political passions. "

Rogozin also said that it would be a perfect position when the SDO would be posted in December, and in order to plant defense in January concerned would implement it.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin said at a meeting on the development of the defense industry until 2020, expressed their dissatisfaction with the level of cooperation with enterprises of the Ministry of Defense "defense" — in the framework of the state defense order. According to Fishing season, appropriate interaction "as there was no and no." The Prime Minister called on to strengthen the role of the Military-Industrial Commission and asked to connect to that Dmitry Rogozin.

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