According to Serdyukov execution of military orders will be carried out under the new rules

In 2012, the performance of military orders will walk according to the new rules, said Anatoly Serdyukov, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, wrote, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

"Today, for the producers made conditions to the world at all. Defense advances 80 — 100% of the contract. Contract, which does not take into account the technological time Lock and various products, no longer are. They went out on the signing of treaties longish — up to 2017-2020 years. — The rugged types of weapons for the strategic nuclear forces, air force, navy, "- he said.

The Minister noted that "the Ministry of Defence can not receive goods that are not befitting world prices, quality requirements and features of military products. In this regard, we are the last couple of years quite intensely interested in foreign operating time in this area — visit the teachings and exhibitions. Compare zabugornye technology standards with Russian cannon to recognize where we are lagging behind or have already fallen behind. "

This, according to Serdyukov, inspires the "domestic industry to the creation of new, modern weapons systems. This puzzle can be solved by the Russian development or the creation of cooperative relations with foreign firms. "

The minister stressed that "the Ministry stated requirements, which are based on the tactical and technical properties of the arms of possible enemies. Naturally, we want to have a similar armament. Even better, when it exceeds in certain characteristics of the foreign models, "writes" Rossiyskaya Gazeta ".

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