According to the Ombudsman for the baby, the situation is worse at the moment than in the post-war years

June 1st is celebrated International day of protection children. This is — one of the most prazdnichkom of old times, which mark in 1950 by a resolution adopted Internatsionalnaya Democratic Federation will give a special session in November 1949. At the same time the UN has supported the initiative and put the protection of the rights of life and health of babies in the value of their own activities. Noteworthy that the first international document, which enshrines the right of the baby, was adopted by the UN until 1989. They became the Convention on the Rights of the child, signed by 61 States, July 13, 1990 document was ratified by the USSR. In Russia the right kids are secured by the Federal Law "On guarantees of the rights of the main kid in the Russian Federation" dated July 24, 1998.

In the International day of protection kids should remember and read not only about the beauty and joys of youth, but rather to draw attention to the burning prepyadstviya the younger generation, in the midst of which, such as the right to life, health, education, leisure, freedom of choice and the presentation of religion . More and more urgent problems and kids from low-income families, the disabled and orphans. We should not forget about the sins against kids (violence, pedophilia, murder, etc.), also the increased crime among children. Specifically, parenting toddlers almost everything is shaping the future of any country. "As you sow, so shall you reap" — an undeniable principle, which encourages parents, adults, remember that it is in the childhood of human personality is formed, and the means and the future of society.

Recently the internationality day or protect kids in the RIA "Novosti" press conference was accomplished authorized the Presidential Council on Human toddler Pavel Astakhov, in which he told of a painful and sensitive issues of protection of human babies in the country. "Now in Russia almost 700,000 orphans and kids left without parental care. More than in the Soviet Union after the second world war! "- Highlighted the ombudsman, noting that this is happening, including anti-social behavior and because of the parent with whom to work, making the deal with kids. "The issue of preservation of blood family — the main municipal issue", — stated Astakhov.

In addition, he expressed concern about the number of kids in Russia, which today number about 25 million, while in the United States — 72 million people of the younger generation. On air programs from "Morning of Russia" Astakhov saw that the number of kids in our country every year is reduced, and if this trend continues, by 2025 the number will be only 22 million, and the United States — about 100 million "Therefore, we can not give our kids in America, they need to keep, everyone, "- highlighted the Ombudsman. In his view, it is necessary to complete the adoption by foreigners Russian kids, because giving it away — a luxury in a situation to reduce the number of young people in the country.

In this regard, Astakhov recalled at the press conference and the long-running history of Russian-American agreement on adoption. "I hope it is a new school year we will meet with the agreement, "- he said. He noted that the text of the document is almost agreed, but at the moment "a little bit stalled at the discussion in the Supreme Court." Recall, KM.RU already wrote that the timing of the signing of the agreement was postponed several times, the last intention — the end of May. But now — on June 1, and the "impact there now."

The Ombudsman also raised the issue of child queues in kindergartens, which now stands at about 1 million people. In this regard, I would like to remind you that the movement "Russian children — affordable pre-school education" organized by the All-Russian campaign to kindergartens. Ancestors in 30 towns (Arkhangelsk, Barnaul, Belgorod, Bijsk, Vladivostok, Vladimir, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Kirov, Kogalim, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Mytishchi, Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Odintsovo, Omsk, Penza, Pervoural'sk, Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Sterlitamak Sisert, Tomsk, Ufa) will hold rallies, demonstrations, picketing in order to attract the authorities' attention to the dilemma of the device toddlers in pre-school.

The protesters were demanding to ensure that all kids places in kindergartens or make commercial establishment in the amount of 80% of the payment. Also ancestry require groups to bring fullness in line with the health regulations in force until 20 December 2010, increment salary caregivers and attendants. Radical demand — the resignation of head sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko and Minister of Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko. KM.RU wrote about organized movement of concerned parents of seventh-Russia hunger strike, which took place on 20-22 May in almost all the towns of Russia. Apparently, the government again did not heed the demands of activists who organized the subsequent action now and plan to continue this business, involving all new parents across the country.

Thus, in the Arkhangelsk at 18:00 ancestors organized on Lenin Square citywide parent meeting. The campaign will collect signatures in support of the Law "On kazhdomesyachnom tutorial on baby, do not attend preschool education," board of shame will be installed, which will position the information on the dilemma of shortage of places in preschool. Ancestors also demonstrate to the authorities that can be purchased at a miserable kazhdomesyachnoe child allowance at the rate of 60 rubles.

Now in the queue to kindergarten are more 30,000 kids from their exclusively in the capital of Pomerania — 11,000 malehankih Arkhangelsk, reported portal "Patriot Pomerania."

At the press conference, Pavel Astakhov also spoke and topics related to the protection of the rights of parents in court in the event of withdrawal by the guardianship kids. With all this the Ombudsman sent a note that the person who committed the sin against the child, a right to counsel and to the ancestors, which took away from kids — no. "Why ancestry, withdraw at any kid, but they did not have any crime, have no right to an attorney? It seems logical to introduce such rules "- wondered Astakhov. In his view, in such cases, the patron should be given to parents free of charge.

Astakhov brought the sad statistics, according to which in 2010 the hands of criminals were killed in 1684 baby of their 700 babies were killed. In addition, in 2010, was brought about 100 criminal cases on appeal violent with the children and their death. The Ombudsman called for tougher punishment for the murderers children. "For the attempt on the life baby to predict the Criminal Code perpetual responsibility. He did not have to go back into society and their own lives should pay for the child's life, "- he said. Astakhov said that time in Russia imposed a moratorium on the death penalty, for such offenders to indefinite detention.

It was impossible not to recall nedavneshnih pedophile scandals that have shocked the public and urged officials to think seriously about implementing castration of men and cancellation in respect of their parole. The Ombudsman noted that the majority of criminal cases involving the sexual inviolability kids are completed probation. "When submitted conditional sentences for pedophiles, perverts, rapists — it is inexplicable. Over the past three years, the majority (70%) of cases related to articles about sexual integrity kids, came to an end, or probation, or dismissal of the case for th
e reconciliation of the parties "- protested the ombudsman baby. With all of this, he noted that affect the ability of the tribunal no.

Astakhov said that most of the kids are suffering at the hands of adults, but there is growth, and juvenile delinquency. "Unfortunately, crime is getting younger. Despite the fact that we have — lowering the total number of child and youth crime in the country, but the stand out numbers associated with the fact that the increase in the number of kids who commit crimes under the age of 14 years. And you realize that up to 14 years, they are not subject to criminal liability. We got 7-8-year-old killer kids. In 2010, I beheld a 6-year-old boy-murderer who killed his own father pitchforks. We grow the number of beautiful girls who commit crimes and misdemeanors ", — he told.

The Ombudsman and the kid said that in the distribution of child porn Web plays a huge role. "For three months in 2011 — 8 criminal cases against the distributors of child porn in the social network" Vkontakte ". A total number of excited in the I quarter of 2011 criminal cases under this article was 73, "- said Astakhov. According to him, the need to strengthen the responsibility of providers for such acts.

On the air "Morning Russia" Astakhov was announced another hitch — Children's suicides, the number of which Our homeland is in Europe the first place (it seems sad features on our country always leads with "enviable" margin). According to the views of the Ombudsman, many kids at the present time do not even understand the purpose of their lives. "Friends do not want to talk to him, girls (if that — boy teens) do not pay attention to him, once the parents, the school did not understand him," — referred Astakhov only certain prerequisites, which can lead to disastrous consequences. The decision prepyadstviya suicide, he sees an increase in the number of child psychologists in schools, which would use the children's confidence and be able to give the help and assist each child. In addition, psychologists should be in hospitals, where it is necessary to work with parents who voluntarily given up all children. Astakhov cited statistics according to which the ancestors leave once a year in hospitals from 10 000 to 50 000 babies. To reduce the number of conscientious objectors in 2-3 times to implement specific regional applets.

The range of problems young people are very wide, and the need to address them in a comprehensive manner. Only care about the health, education, development and education of the younger generation, to help children who are in difficult current situation, will be able to ensure the development of the country will determine its future. Investing in childhood in the current time will be compensated within a few decades. "Thank you for our happy childhood!" — Is not the best compliment to the authorities, bureaucrats, parents? Hunt to impose that on June 1 will be the only days of the year when young people about the problems will be read publicly from all the stands, and the wonderful promises will certainly translate into reality. Then in the next year (and next) we will be able to hear what specifically formulated to have the near future.

Their ideas on the International Protection of days with kids KM.RU shared the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Family, ladies and kids Natalia Karpovich:

— I think it's — prazdnichek very large, very influential and internationally. In the world of June 1 marked day protection toddlers. And to this day, we are talking not only about the problems children, but they can do prazdnichek for the family, in which there are kids. Campus, which carry out various prazdnichkom, combined family: parents distracted for a moment from their problems, that they came closer to his children, were sent to their attention, and the kids — that they saw how beautiful those of their ancestors.

Now, there are still many problems to be solved, but in the last 10 years, we litsezreem how to develop a support system of family and the protection of kids, we are not a family. The questions that continue to be very Edged — is social orphanhood, ie 90% of orphans — is the kids have any ancestors is alive, but the government takes responsibility for the upbringing of these children. But not enough action, which often sound — housing, socialization and adaptation.

The big question now — it's street kids. This kids-runners, and kids who for some reason find themselves in a position, even undocumented kids. Now last divorce inside the country, there is the problem of kids in marriages with foreign nationals. Special position — in families with children with disabilities, as the problem is in front of family, where the government has not cut. Yet almost all need to do, but at the same time on this day, we have virtually every region of applets to improve the quality of life of the family with these babies — it's become in recent years to be developed. We litsezreem the country's attention, the president, government to the dilemmas of pediatric medicine and public health. There are positive results, but again just need to continue to work.

God grant that not only this day of the year was devoted to kids and families. And to this day, we could take those positive results and set new tasks that need to be done, so that our kids were happy.

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