According to the Pentagons professional downed drone in Iran — a fake

According to former senior official of the Pentagon shot down over Iranian territory south american UAV shown on television of Iran — a fake. This was said NEWSru Israel, citing the publication US Today.

Name of the bureaucrat is not called. He notes that the videos that have been submitted by Iran, the color of UAV RQ-170 Sentinel is different, and the welding of the wing, which was designed specifically for engineers avoid detection UAV radars, does not meet the established standards. In addition, he noted a number of technical details in his words evoked doubts.

With all of this Mike Rogers, chairman of the spec. Committee on Intelligence U.S. House of Representatives last Tuesday said that the military Iran No hidden drone shot down — apparatus crashed over the territory of the Islamic Republic. A prerequisite for the fall dubbed arisen on board techno fault.

Rogers, for all that tried to reassure the public, stating that while experts at will solve the Iranian drone technology, which was in their hands, the South American engineers will already be created "nibudt of something new."

But in spite of that Barack Obama has recently said that the administration is focused to Iran's official request for the transfer of the U.S. side of spy plane. As expected, Tehran refused. President Ahmadinejad Iran, Speaking on Venezuelan television, saw the irony in that, for sure, "the Americans have decided to send a spy plane to Iran."

Noteworthy that the U.S. side considers the ability of special operations in the Iranian countryside. Their goal was to eliminate the threat of hitting hidden technology possible opponent. Among the options considered landing assault, destruction and drone from the air — but all of these options are rejected.

In the American media at the same time, reports began to emerge that Iran could realize UAV China or the Russian Federation, and with all this claim on their active protection when attacks on the international arena.

This development is very possible. After the events in South Ossetia in August 2008 for the Russian army to a fully enjoy all the advantages of modern drones, which at that time were used intensively by the Georgian army. While the Russian military-industrial complex can not offer the Department of Defense unmanned aerial vehicles, which are not inferior to Israel on their own quality. Previously Our homeland has purchased Israeli-made UAVs specifically.

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