According to the views of the browser portal Georgia Online, Putin decided to break completely the case with Georgia

As said on March 5th portal "Georgia Online" in the diplomatic war between Georgia and put an end to Russia's new president of. Putin, reports "Georgia Online", clearly gave to understand the Georgian side, "an unwillingness to build any civilized affairs with 2 between countries."

Earlier, the Georgian authorities abolished the visa regime for Russian Federation people. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in response to this initiative, in turn, is also proposed to abolish the visa regime, and at the same time to return and diplomatic affairs — in this case, reports portal dubbed the "if Georgia also fix the Russian virtual reality and allow the Russians to stay unpunished the occupied territories. "

Tbilisi, as reported by "Georgia Online", Moscow said that the recovery from the last diplomatically relations requires: a) the recognition of the territorial integrity of Georgia, and b) withdrawal of troops from the occupied territories, and c) the closure there own "embassies".

And now, says Georgian the browser and the expected victory in the elections, Vladimir Putin said that it excludes any return back in relations with South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Putin said: "Cancelled. We will not go back. "

And that, according to Georgian Browser — a deadlock in the political relations between the Georgia and Russia.

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