Accuracy of S-300PS in Kazakhstan confirmed the high quality Ukroboronservis

September 5, 2013 in Priosersk (Kazakhstan) took the test firings divisions of anti-aircraft missile complexes S-300PS Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan. These complexes have been renovated to the extension of life in Ukraine at the facilities of SE "UKROBORONSERVICE" (part of the GC "Ukroboronprom"). In July 2013 the S-300PS were brought into the territory of the Republic of Kazahastan. According to the press service of "UkrSpetsExport."


Shooting took place at a military Sary-Shagan in the exercise by the Minister of Defence of Kazakhstan Adilbek Dzhaksybekov. All four shots hit the intended target.

In tests of S-300PS for the purposes of issue, and instructed to use the command post system (CPS), who had previously undergone a major overhaul in Ukraine. CPS worked perfectly, confirming the high level of work carried out by the Ukrainian side.

Jaksybekov put commended the quality of repair work carried out by the Group of Companies "Ukroboronprom" in the interest of Defense of Kazakhstan. He stressed that his country is interested in expanding cooperation with Ukraine in the military sphere, and it will be actively promoted.

Tests S-300PS took place in the framework of the contract signed in July 2012 between the State Enterprise "UKROBORONSERVICE" and the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan. The contract provides for the repair division of S-300PS with the extension of life of 5 years (five thousand hours). In February 2013, the Kazakh side made a preliminary inspection on the territory of Ukraine. In the near future

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