Acoustic shock



Acoustic shock

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A resident of the U.S. state of Georgia says that the March 29, 2001 at 11:00 am, when he was on duty wiring in one of the houses, some spooky sounds so shook the whole of his being, that he fell to his knees. And that strange sound was not as audible as noticeable. Let us feel the whole body.
However, reacted and technology. Almost all the cars at the same time anti-theft alarm system worked, and in many homes — and the automatic protection system. In some places the windows poured glass. In this case, the weather was calm, no signs of storm or a storm. No explosions or earthquakes. And no planes in the sky.
But here's what it is absolutely clear, as is the reaction of the organism. Immediately after that the technician had to come back to the office — he's got the feeling that all his bowels once turned into something liquid. Another electrician working nearby at the same time, too, went back to the office — for the same reason.
It should be emphasized that this is a mysterious anomaly lasted only some 3-5 seconds. Call of the truck after it did not want to wind up — the battery is almost completely "villages." In seconds, he was just "dead"! Already arrived in the office, an electrician discovered that the new battery in his pager, set in the very morning, too, was fully discharged.
The local press has not mentioned about this incident without a word. TV also kept quiet. And then the victim wrote about it on the Internet. If anyone knows what could it mean? ..
People respond!
Someone wandering the worldwide electronic "web", came across this message and still react. And that someone has suggested that the incident could mean a test of some infrasonic device or even a secret weapon. It is known that infrasound — it is not audible to the human ear elastic waves of low frequency (below 16 Hz). But they can feel if the amplitude is large enough. There is pain in the ears, a feeling of instinctive fear, anxiety.
It is believed that infrasound weapons were developed in the United States in the framework of "Joshua." It can be used as a directed-energy weapon, i.e. the range and intensity of exposure can be varied. Calculate the location of the sound source is not so, it would seem difficult. It is necessary to collect and analyze all the data points where its impact was felt by people, animals and equipment, and even find out about the intensity of infrasound in each of these points.
Of course, we can not 100% rule out that the phenomenon was purely natural origin and was not triggered by some atmospheric phenomenon (storm, tsunami, etc.), geological shifts the earth's crust, or something like that. However, at that level as it was in Georgia, it happens very rarely. People who have fallen under the influence of infrasound such power should still be thankful to be alive. Infrasound large amplitude killing all life in a matter of seconds. Concrete, stone, brick, too, can instantly turn into a powder. So in the area where it occurred, would have to check all buildings for hidden cracks and other damage. Something similar has happened in Austin (Texas).
Anomalies in Texas
In the window pane of a house, as it were "a matter of" a hole 15h18sm, with glass scattered in the dust. Stones in the window no one threw the bird in the glass is not chipped. Glazier, who was called to fix the problem, admitted in his life seen anything like it. Whether it is a stone outside, he would knock and the second double glass window frame. Whether it is to break the glass bird would remain traces of blood or feathers, or at least down. But there was nothing there! Yes and no sound no one is heard.
Someone suggests that this kind of incident can somehow be associated with other anomalies, for example — with the notorious "himtreylami", ie spraying or dusting, which regularly produces in Texas who do not know and do not know why. In the sky, then formed a long white strip — parallel, or in the form of a giant letter "X". People fall ill — coughing, sneezing, watery eyes at them, head compresses the invisible hoop. Someone mysterious creates artificial clouds and artificial twilight. Gloomy cloudy does not mean that it will rain.
In these places, the weather was not at all the same as before. Previously often the wind was blowing, and now — the constant silence. The sun breaks through Khmara only once a week, usually on Sunday afternoon. Then, in the evening, again something is sprayed from the air, in the sky there are tails, grids, and 'X' himtreylov ", and on Monday, the morning sky was overcast again. However, these anomalies — and the "spray" and "himtreyly" and unnatural clouds are observed not only in Texas. And not just in the United States. So what lies behind these artificial clouds? And who needs to check the strength of all living and non-living? One thing is clear: the most unrestrained fantasy is becoming a reality.
The strike distantsionok
About a week before the event in Georgia, March 22, 2001, no less mysterious incident puzzled residents Brementona. When Joel Meymon drove to his office and picked up a remote control to lock the door of the car, the remote did not work. Meymon pressed the button again and again, but all in vain. A little later, it turned out that in this situation he is not alone.
Art DeCamp, manager of the "Expo Buick Pontiac," was the first to realize that something is going wrong. Customers began calling the company one by one and all with the same complaint: not working "Moodle"!
As he wrote in the newspaper "San" Lloyd Pritchel, by the next morning is all firms selling cars and car repair shops were all, as they say, "put on the ears," raging motorists. All at once refused to "Moodle". Sell at least one new car and it was not possible at all: always show up the same defect — Automatic refused. Cars and garage doors could neither open nor closed. The cause of the problem and to this day remains a mystery. Versions, as always, been a lot.
What are the versions?
Some believe that the blame solar flares. Others blamed the Russian space station "Mir". Under suspicion and the U.S. Navy, which could experience something like that somewhere on one of the bases.
The military, of course, categorically denied any involvement in the incident, and experts in the field of astronomy assure that solar activity (as well as the station "Mir") could cause this kind of technical violations in a particular city.
It is amazing and the fact that the failure of "distantsionok" occurred in many different models of cars — old and new, domestic and imported. Only a few of their units were "immune" against a strange epidemic. New brands have suffered everything.
The radio signal that is running the remote control, using a frequency range of 300 to 500 mg. When you press a button on the remote control signal "Moodle" (transmitter) must come to a receiver in the car or in the garage, which locks or unlocks the door. But in the area of Brementona something that signal does not pass.
The problem, however, arose at about the same time the aircraft carrier "Carl Vinson" coming home to Brementon after seven weeks at sea. Some have thought, therefore, that the ship there are any radiation-blocking operation "distantsionok." However, the ship's radio specialists claim that checked all the boat, all communication systems and radars, and then declared that the source of problems is not in it — the ship, they say, has nothing to do with it.
The sun, too, had to "amnesty" — after a NASA expert Joe Kanchis categorically stated that if a solar flare and caused such a problem, it would have affected the entire planet, not one region or, even more, of the city. And, in any case, such a thing would have stopped after sunset.
Well, in the meantime, Joel Meymon and thousands of other drivers to re-learn to open the door by hand — keys. How much will it last — nobody knows. As the cause of the mysterious phenomenon. But it seems that all these things have been run-in, tested before Texas and Georgia — in Europe. In particular — in the territories that were part of the once united Yugoslavia.
Mournful greetings from Croatia
Someone Isakovitch of Croatia argues that the "mystery Brementona" no mystery there. All the matter in the radar used by the military and the U.S. Navy. We are talking about the radar type "VTRPE" about technology and "IR" for visual detection of radar and satellite systems cover. And all of this is more or less fully described in the document number 2025 U.S. Air Force as a matter of an uncertain future. However, most likely, this is the reality of the present. And apparently, the same technology is directly related to spray "himtreylov". The writer says that in November and December last year, when SAIPAN — Battle Group U.S. Air Force aircraft carriers — was in Croatia, he himself just to "cover" two computer modem — because of spurious electromagnetic pulses. And it was so.
One evening at the end of November, the sky suddenly clouded artificial cloud. At 10 pm she closed solid stationary shroud the whole sky — from horizon to horizon. A cloud hung at a height of about 500-800 meters within ten days. Somewhere afar sometimes heard rumbling, which is as it moved up the chain. It lasted about 15 minutes, but — no lightning and no rain. And so almost every night. It turns out that not only the ocean appear artificial clouds.
And below them, on the roof of the 15-story "skyscraper" (in Croatian standards), in which the witness is installed lightning rod. There is no risk that lightning can strike into the roof, so that people in the storm continues to work on the computer. All propulsion and communications — in the basement of the building underground.
And somewhere over the building at a height of several hundred meters, the rumble of thunder is heard. No lightning, so lightning rod and she could not hit. But suddenly refuses computer cursor. He just does not move. Computer freezes.
Bah, lightning just not visible because of cloud cover — think angry computer technician. Surely the whole point of it! And he tries to restart the computer.
The system operates. It would be possible to get online. But no such luck. Modem whistles. Connection can not be established. Then turn on the modem. But again, the connection is not possible. Modem "says," but can not do anything to "hear." He turned a deaf ear like a cork.
The next day, a new modem is installed. Old is given to the supplier — for repair. Two days later — the same story. Four weeks later, both returned the modem to repair — in the same way. I had to throw them in the trash.
Details on SAIPAN and technology, such as those that brought down the "Moodle" in Brementone, can be found at Isakovich
Yes! But what about the acoustic impact in Georgia?
One of those who read a message on the Internet, has written there (asking not to indicate his name), that a few years ago, his nephew, was invited to participate in a certain project at a certain university. Nephew was flattered, and he agreed — his name was also identified as one of the authors of developers, the project was successfully completed and the report is published. In fact, the project has been kept secret, and the true essence of it is not covered in the press. The nephew told me (of course, in secret) that the government commissioned a scientist was asked to find a sound that can be used for military purposes. And the sound was found. According to his nephew, the sound waves generated by the special equipment, can in an instant to turn the human brain into a kind of shapeless jelly. "Tempting" perspective, right?
But back to the weather anomalies, which, as it turns out, have been observed not only in Croatia.
Clouds over Serbia
An editorial in the International Journal of mail "Nexus New Times" (NEXUS New Times, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2001), published in Australia, USA, Canada and Europe, appeared in the spring issue last letter from a reader Goran Pavlovich "Control over the weather Serbia? ". Put a question mark here, rather just for appearance's sake, as author of the letter talks about how he sees himself and all his countrymen.
It began during the NATO military operations in Serbia in 1998 during the last and most terrible bombing of Serbia weather has become more than strange. Against the background of the blue sky "materialized" suddenly huge black clouds. They swept over the whole sky, and remained in place until the end of the campaign, ie for two weeks. These clouds are never delivered of rain. But hail. So what! Hailstones the size of a hen's egg left marks on buildings such that they can be seen even today.
Periodically had "lightning" that lasted for hours, but did not look like the usual lightning: this nobody has ever seen! "Thunder" that accompanied these "lightning" was no less strange — in the hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than anyone ever heard. Witnesses said that rumblings were much louder than the explosions of bombs. A few days before the signing of the Serbian army surrender his powerful earthquake rocked Belgrade.
Pavlovich said that after the bombing of the weather cleared up immediately. But since then, the climate in Serbia has changed beyond recognition. First, the country began the greatest in the history of drought. The last two years, rain and snow, as it were intentionally bypassed Serbia party. Around her, the climate, in fact, remained the same. So global warming has nothing to do with it. Last year, for eight months in Serbia was not a drop of rain. But with the onset of winter, the snow never fell out, so that now the situation is still the same. Pavlovich wrote that over Serbia saw something like a huge hole. Its size is almost equal to the territory of Serbia. "The hole" begins on the border between Kosovo and Albania in the south and ends near the Yugoslav-Hungarian border in the north.
Why do scientists were suddenly make such measurements? And because strangely behaved cloud mass, twice a year come to the Balkans from Libya and shed abundant rain. In the last two years, coming to Serbia, a powerful cloud, like a river that flows around the island, is clearly divided into two branches, and moves on, bypassing Serbia on the sides, so it remains an empty dry island, clearly visible from satellites.
For the first time scientists have paid attention to it only December 28, 2000 — until they finally realized that something was not right. The same "flow" of Serbia took place and 31 December, when rain, intended normally and Serbia, all fell to the east of Kosovo, so that there is rainfall was 200 millimeters per square meter. meter. Unprecedented prolonged drought threatens hunger throughout Serbia, if in the near same time does not pass at least one rain.
And Pavlovich asked people in the know to tell him whether there was anything to the electromagnetic field of the planet in the last days of bombing in Serbia, ie in the summer of 1999, and the 28 th and 31 th December 2000. And most importantly — what do I do? Is it possible to somehow "fix" the weather in Serbia's long-suffering? Contact the author at the e-mail address:
Well, the anomalous "casket" stuffed weather, technical, and even physiological surprises (up to leukemia in men), develops, seems to be slightly opened …
Just save us, O God, open it completely!

Mark Sokolov, "IFG".


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