Adam: I growth very original fans

After the presentation of the new season players forward of FC "Rostov" Roman Adamov has kindly agreed to answer reporters for another couple of questions.

— Of all the clubs that you are after the "Rostov" played "Terek", "Moscow", "Ruby", "Wings" — which team was more comfortable?

— I think that in the "Moscow". And to me on the team, and my attitude to the team.

— In "Moscow" has led you to play under the guidance of his first coach Leonid Slutsky. The hope is that the fate will bring back the same team?

— No, no hope, no nothing. Nothing happened, just time goes on, people change. Maybe I changed, I do not judge the same.

— "Wings of the Soviets" a pity?

— It’s a pity. Though I played in Samara short period of time. Feel sorry for the guys, I know that Ivan Taranov, Eugene Savin want to stay in the team. Sorry for the people who work at the club, I’m sorry fans.

— If you compare the fans of Kazan, Samara and Rostov, which city most football?

— Kazan, Samara and Rostov? Peter! I think the least soccer Kazan, but lately there is also a football became a different attitude. If you compare the fans of Rostov and Samara — they are different. The "Rostov" very original fans who criticize, scold, but every time I come.

— If you go back to the topic of the team, how do you feel about the fact that after the UEFA team were literally on their hands and so were treated after losing in Maribor?

— There is much talk about this situation, but I do not want to believe. It is necessary to know the situation from the inside. A relative of fans — it’s like in Rostov. Win — you are on the hands to convey to the left bank, drink, then another, to bring home to bed and lay next game shout what you’re bad. Therefore, the whole country is that we have such. It is easiest to blame people.

January 28 19:19

Kartamysheva Alexandra Football Today,

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