Adam: I think that Wagner himself slipped

Forward "Rostov" Roman Adamov commented on the match 23rd round of the championship of Russia against CSKA Moscow, which was won by CSKA 2-0.
"Wagner is probably not for nothing is the best player in the Russian championship. The game was, in general, equal, we are in no way inferior to CSKA Moscow, but he took it and shot from 30 feet than put us in a difficult position. And then this penalty, which, in my opinion, was not. I think he slipped, and in general, it is not a crystal, so that it does not touch it. After 0-2, of course, we were already difficult to do something. But we do not despair, for we now have no pressure. It would be desirable, of course, to finish the season in the top six. Get — well, no — will survive.

Protasov said I was sick for two weeks and play on the pill? It’s okay, I’m out the game and give myself entirely too much difficulty because of health problems do not test "- quoted by reporter Adam" "Michael hoe.

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