Admiralty Shipyards build a rescue ship


Construction salvage ship "Igor Belousov," began at Admiralty Shipyards (St. Petersburg) in 2005. The work cycle of building the ship is less than four years, but construction was delayed due to some problems with suppliers. Now, as stipulated final amount of the contract, the work must go full speed.

In 2012, the ship into the water, and it will enter the Navy in 2014, ITAR-TASS quoted the chief engineer Andrey Veselov.

According, rescue vessel "Igor Belousov," to be transferred to the Northern Fleet, the largest of all the fleets of the Russian Navy.

A rescue ship will be placed deep water manned and unmanned remotely operated underwater vehicles with Operating depth up to 700 m able to dock with submarines of any type.

In recent years, Russia and NATO hold joint exercises to rescue the crews of submarines. The first exercise of this kind last week off the southern coast of Norway in 2008.

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