Advances Novosibirsk Technopark Academpark

Industry Minister Sergei Semka Novosibirsk Region and CEO Dmitry Academpark Verkhovod showed reporters the latest developments Novosibirsk Technopark residents and talked about joint projects.

A clear indicator of the effectiveness of Academpark — real projects its residents, namely companies that have started their business in the Technopark, using the creation of technological innovation and service infrastructure Academpark. These companies have a place in specialized business incubators.

Currently, residents of Technopark Business Incubation Akademgorodok are 66 companies, of which the total revenue at the end of 2013 should be about 160 million rubles. 

"Instrument Business Incubator was our first, it works only half of the year — talks about the support system start-up companies Academpark Dmitry Verkhovod. — In December of last year we launched the IT business incubator, the largest: about 1000 square meters and about 90 jobs. At the moment, remained a reserve places for graduates of the Summer School. And this year we are launching a business incubator bio-technology, the most technically sophisticated. After all, if the "pros" of the need for a table, a chair and a computer, instrument additional device base, the biotechnologists need a special laboratory. It is a unique experience that no one ", — said the head of Academpark.

For half a year, during which Academpark a system of business incubators, its residents have already made significant progress. For instance, "On the Two Trade" presented to journalists their own development, the sale of which was successfully conducted throughout Russia. Compact air ventilation system provides a flow of air into the room from the street, pre-cleaning and fueling it. Proceeds from the sale of the device only for the first half of 2013 amounted to 9,000,000 rubles.

Another resident Academpark company "Surdafon", working in the field of information technology, unique to hit the journalists. Specially developed software is able to translate sounding speech into sign language for the deaf. The company’s plans — the creation of a mobile device and access to the market in 2014.

"In my opinion, this is the most successful industrial park in Russia, — said the Minister of Industry of the Novosibirsk region Sergey Semka in a conversation with reporters and shared his plans for the future. — At the end of September — beginning of October will launch center electroplating and so we create a complete range of technology companies, called the Center for Technological Support Academpark, we also plan to create a new engineering center here. "

Another innovation, which the minister said — the creation of a Academpark Youth Arts Center: "A good example of innovative business support — a company" Aeroservis. " For several years, she supports the Young Physicists Tournament in Novosibirsk and now initiated a Youth Arts Center. We have made an application, which was approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and this year will be allocated about 6.5 million rubles for the establishment of the center. "

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