Advanta 2.0 — a five-storey business management system

The company Advanta Group has released a new version of SaaS business management system Advanta 2.0. Previously, the system was called A2: Project management, but because the new version has been significantly rethought and changed the philosophy of the product’s functionality, do not rename it was just impossible. Now the developers of the system will take offense at you if you call Advanta project management system.

Now this — business management system, or even a system of management development business. Unlike many other project management systems, which have recently become more simple, flat, social, Advanta has gone in the other direction.

The creators clearly that the main user of Advanta is the head of the company. And the work is carried out in the system as much as five levels: My work -> Team -> Organization -> Strategy -> Vision. Thus, the manager can use the system for planning the day, and for the formation of the company’s goals.

However, this does not mean that the system does not provide collaboration tools for ordinary people. After all, someone has to enter the information on which will be thinking leader. The system contains a portal with news, store documents, personal calendars, to do lists, forums, knowledge base, internal mail, time tracking system.

With regard to project management, the system is analogous to MS Project, Clarizen, Primavera, but designed with the specific features of Russian companies.

It is not difficult to guess that Advanta — a solution for large and very large companies. On the basis of this system, even a portal of e-government of the Sverdlovsk

Interestingly, the pricing policy Advanta provides an unlimited number of user licenses for the role of "agent" of the project. Only need to pay for the "leaders" of projects which may delegate their tasks to other users.

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