AEP completed the design of VVER-TOI

VVER-TOI is able to compete successfully in the global market due to the following factors: the developers have reduced the cost of construction by 17% and reduce operating costs by nearly 10%, the term structure of head unit close to 48 months.

The specialists of "AEP" (Moscow) began the final stage of work on the project VVER-TOI — coordination of the project with the customer (JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom") and the preparation of documentation sets to be sent for examination to the State Corporation "Rosatom" and Rostehnadzor.

The project was executed in the modern information environment to facilitate the management of information throughout the life cycle of power.
In addition, the updated held regulations that allows the use of innovative technology design and construction.
According to Deputy General Director — Director for the planning of "AEP" Ilya Kopitova, Special attention is given to improving Security Unit: "In the VVER-TOI apply security using active and passive principles. Technical solutions ensure the transition of the reactor facility to a safe condition for different combinations of initiating events, natural and man-made, resulting in the loss of all power supplies. "
For international certification of the VVER-TOI planned to send the complete documentation of the Club of the European operating companies (EUR) and the IAEA.
In the development of the project "VVER-TOI," that is typical of the NPP with optimized power unit and computerized high-power based on VVER technology, attended by leading industry organizations: JSC "AEP" (chief designer), EDO "Hydraulic" (chief designer) Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" (supervisor), JSC "VNIIAES" (architect, engineer, chief designer of APCS), JSC "NIAEP" in cooperation with the company "Alstom" (developer machine room).

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