Aerodzhip «FORTIS» from the company AEROKON

The company "AEROKON" has created a modern amphibious vehicle to transport people and goods — aerodzhip (snowmobile) «FORTIS», which is designed for year-round use in day and night, is able to walk on water, snow, ice and bitomu ice, shallow waters and wetlands .


«FORTIS» carries up to 6 people (including the driver) or 500 kg of cargo and has a power reserve of 6 hours.

More recently, the first sea trials aerodzhipa on the water surface. Preliminary results showed high hydrodynamic quality products, the ability to make sustained and controlled maneuvers at high speed. At low speeds (partial engine power) reached the speed of 60 km / h

Aerodzhip FORTIS — an innovative product that meets high international standards and has no analogues in Russia.

Plastic-ski boat are manufactured by using advanced composite materials, providing strength, lightness and the necessary anti-friction qualities.

The development and refinement were carried out in the boat hull form TSAGI hydraulic canals, which provided the best combination of agility, speed characteristics for this type of devices.

Design and manufacture of ski-boat was held jointly with specialists of aviation and shipbuilding KB with extensive practical experience in the production of vodnomotornomu technology.

The safety of passengers and crew provides a powerful frame structure that protects the cabin from deformation in the event of machine to overturn.

The strength of the cabin and boat CALCULATED Standards specifically designed aviation industry professionals.

Stylish appearance and interior design specialists developed one of the leading auto design studios.

Effective rudder-propeller ring is designed with the experience of experts and TSAGI MAI and gives a gain traction at the start of 1.2 times compared with conventional screw of the same diameter.

Classic scientific approach and a great deal of research in the field of fluid dynamics, design of screw-propeller ring, composite materials, made in creating aerodzhipa FORTIS, allowed an increase of the coefficient of starting to thrust-weight ratio of 0.3 (the ratio of thrust developed by the engine, to the estimated starting weight), which is one of the best indicators for devices of this type.

Weight characteristics

The maximum launch weight, kg 1800
Maximum payload, kg 500

Speed characteristics

Maximum speed water km / h 70
The maximum speed of the snow, km / h 100
Power reserve Hour 6

Passenger capacity

The number of passengers, including the driver, pers. 6

Dimensions of the passenger cabin

Length max, mm 2200
Width 1560
Height, mm 1360


Engine Type Chevy 350 (U.S.)
Cooling water
Engine power, hp 355


Type of fuel A-92
Fuel capacity, l 200

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