Afghan helicopters were Russian guns

  • Afghan helicopters were Russian guns
  • Afghan helicopters were Russian guns

Afghan Air Force began upgrading of existing military transport helicopters Mi-35, according to ASDNews. The two are assigned to the 377 th Helicopter Squadron in Kabul have new aircraft guns GS-23 caliber 23 millimeters Russian design. The first firing of the two-receiver aviapushek were made May 15, 2013. Afghan pilots were shooting under the guidance of Czech instructors training the NATO Air Command, responsible for training the Afghan Air Force pilots.

First Afghan Air Force helicopter gunships aircraft guns do not. In particular, the machine Mi-35 had only Quadruple guns Jac 12.7 millimeters and launchers for unguided rockets S-5 57 mm caliber. According to the pilot’s 377 Squadron Colonel Khair Mohammad Hashmi (Khair Mohammad Hashmi), installation of GS-23 helicopters to the Afghan Air Force will greatly enhance the combat capabilities and ensure more effective border security or to provide air support.
According to Flightglobal MiliCAS, the Air Force in Afghanistan now stand six military transport helicopters Mi-35, as well as 46 multi-role helicopters Mi-8/17. Earlier it was reported that Russia and NATO agreed to expand the activities of the trust fund for maintenance of Russian-made helicopters, were in service in Afghanistan. While the fund is preparing Afghan aircraft technicians and service Mi-17 helicopters. In the future, the fund will be expanded and the Mi-35.

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