Afghan police killed six NATO soldiers per night

Two cases of attacks on Afghan police foreign military occurred in the south of the Islamic Republic in the last day. On Saturday evening, September 15, the Afghan special forces police officer suddenly opened fire on the British soldiers when they returned together from a joint patrol areas.

Two British citizens were killed on the spot and three others received injuries of varying severity. Himself a police officer was killed by return fire. Reuters clarified that he served in the Afghan special forces "Locale Policy", which are responsible for the preparation of U.S. military personnel.

Back in August, the U.S. temporarily suspended the program of training of Afghan soldiers and police officers in connection with the "insider" attacks their Afghan "colleagues". Afghan law enforcement agencies conducted a massive test of their loyalty to employees and laid off more than a thousand employees. But, apparently, it did not help much.

Just 10 hours after the attack Afghan police there was another similar incident in the same province of Helmand. The bombardment of NATO troops to local police killed 4 military forces of the international coalition. Their nationality is not yet known, but according to some it may be too British soldiers.

During this year, dramatically increased the number of sudden attacks of Afghan military and police against their "partners" of the International Security Assistance Force. Together with the recent losses in 2012, as a result of such attacks, killing 51 foreign military. The British Defense Ministry recently said it may cut the length of stay of its contingent in Afghanistan despite the dissatisfaction of its allies from the United States.

September 14 attack on the NATO complex, uniting the British Camp Bastion and the American Camp Leatherneck, carried 15 people, dressed in uniforms of the U.S. Army. They killed six British fighters AV-8B Harrier, damaged two others, and also knocked out six filling stations and damaged six hangars.

The militants were armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns and perfectly prepared, noted in the command of NATO forces. How does it fell to the U.S. military form, until set.

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