After a 15-year hiatus in paragraph Kuvykta Tyndinskogo Amur region reopened kindergarten

After a 15-year hiatus in the village Kuvykta Tyndinskogo Amur region reopened kindergarten. The village now has a place where you can bring your child, where it will engage educators, where he will be able to communicate with their peers.


Nursery school for kids in the village Kuvykta was the finale in 2011. Group care and sanitation while open for 16 children. Such groups have appeared in the townships of Anosov, Chilchi and Larba. Of all children to receive an additional 70 sites throughout the area.


"For all the time in the area I do not recall that we are so actively opening kindergartens and create additional space for the kids to the already existing", — says the head of the district education administration Tyndinskogo Plotnikov.
Almost the entire 2011 Kuvyktinskaya school has turned into one big construction site. Regional and local authorities have set builders a clear goal: to be on the first floor of the school building to create a spacious and comfortable rooms for the youngest residents Kuvykty. In addition to repair walls, replace windows, plumbing here were to appear modern beds, dining areas, children‘s slides and play areas.

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