After many years of inactivity for 4 years of successful experience Liteyka light alloys in St. Petersburg

Our production range of products includes:
Spatially Complex silumin products by casting in sand and clay molds
Big-series kit of parts made of aluminum and copper-zinc alloys for electrical products, accessories, cases, etc., require high dimensional accuracy of injection molded
precision burr strips with different diameters ranging from 3 mm and up, various kinds of rubbers, for engineering, including the medical industry
Part of thermosets, including a metal armature, for a complete set of electrical products and machinery orders.
4 years, our team has restored the step-by-step process equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, control systems casting machines, infrastructure, shops and sites, and collected professional team founders, after years prostoya.Segodnya we execute orders on important cooperation with leading PITERSKY industries. The main problem today or download moschnostey.Priglashaem to visit our website where you can learn more about the activities of the enterprise

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