After reconstruction, opened kindergartens in Ryazan and Zheleznogorsk (Kursk region).

November 29, Ryazan opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 119. After the reconstruction of the garden was the 11th group. Set up four additional groups with 80 seats — they are housed in the newly additionally constructed third floor. In addition, repaired existing two floors of the building, as well as works on landscaping. 

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Repair kindergarten number 119 — one of the examples of the work that is part of the administration of Ryazan in the elimination stage in pre-school. In 2012, three pre-schools will be an extension of the regional center. In kindergartens number number 102, 119 completed, the kindergarten number 128 — the work on the construction of an extension completed. In the current year it is planned to complete the construction of a kindergarten in the district Voroshilovka city of Ryazan. Also in December renovated building will be open correctional kindergarten number 120 for children with visual impairment (formerly housed the Lyceum branch number 52). A total of 2012 in preschool will open 480 additional seats. 

In the city of Kursk region Zheleznogorsk renovated opened kindergarten number 22, Modernization of which was a project implemented under a tripartite agreement on social and economic partnership between the company "METALLOINVEST" Kursk region and city.

According to the managing director of the Mikhailovsky GOK Sergei Kretova, only for the years 2011-2012 under the agreement kindergartens Zheleznogorsk, including the program "Healthy Child", has contributed more than 25 million rubles. "As a result of joint efforts in many preschools city underwent extensive renovations, opened additional groups that can solve the urgent problem of the whole country availability in kindergarten, a new developing environment", — quotes Kretova press office complex.
In kindergarten, number 22 has been updated game rooms, bedrooms, classrooms creativity, purchased the necessary equipment, furniture and furnishings. Open 5 additional groups reconstructed premises previously used for other purposes. Also in 2012, pre-school received funding to upgrade the medical and athletic training rooms for children with problems of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the nurse took vocational courses on children’s massage, purchased the necessary equipment for gymnastics, renovated swimming pool and sports hall.








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