After reconstruction, opened kindergartens in 4 regions

December 3 in Irkutsk a kindergarten number 174 Diamond Street. The building of the kindergarten has long been used for other purposes. Here rented premises by different organizations. In 2011 it was decided to reconstruct the building and place it in a kindergarten for 5 groups. 

In the capital of Mordovia Saransk opened after reconstruction kindergarten N62. If the project used eco-friendly materials in the premises used for the climate system, equipped with heated floors.

The kindergarten is equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, kitchen fitted appliance must, which allows you to prepare meals as possible keeping them in nutrients and vitamins.


In Ivanteevka (Moscow region). Opened after renovation kindergarten "Bellflower." 

Ceremony of returning kindergarten building number 8 "bell" in pre-school education was held yesterday, December 3. Now, 70 more children will be able to get a full pre-school education, while their parents are busy at work.


In the village of Shitkina Taishet district of Irkutsk region opened a new building of the kindergarten, it is designed for twenty-five seats. 

Financed the construction of the expense of the regional budget. The new building meets modern — spacious, bright and cozy. For children, a large bedroom, a game room, a separate bathroom. By housewarming kindergarten received many gifts: furniture, toys, sports equipment. Now the authorities are going to take up the overhaul of the main building of the kindergarten, it was built more than sixty years ago. The area is actively developing new forms of pre-school education. Group opened a short stay and the pre-school. These measures only this year have reduced all three hundred and fifty children.

Kindergarten "Tower" in the village Borisovka Belgorod region opened after renovation.

Local residents have the opportunity to compare what has changed in the meantime. During the six months 10 groups of kindergarten "Tower" is completely updated. Each is designed for 25 children. Bright walls, comfortable furniture and modern toys is a welcome gift for kids and caregivers.

In addition to the groups repaired assembly hall, which serves as a music room and a mini-gym. Fully updated and equipment on nutrition unit — now here will prepare delicious meals. A complete reconstruction of the kindergarten in the spring, when the order will result in the surrounding area, install a swing and will paint pleasure pavilions.

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