After the floods in southwest China evacuates

After the floods in southwest China evacuates Natural Disasters

The south-west of China swept the regular monsoon storm that caused severe flooding. Most affected district Ilyan Yunnan Province recently experienced an earthquake. The district flooded roads, declared the mass evacuation of the population. It provides 22 specialized teams allocated the local fire department.

A few hours in the area with mountainous terrain 152 mm of rain fell. This immediately caused flooding in dozens of villages and temporary tent camp, organized for the victims of the September earthquake. So far, about a hundred victims of the water can not get to the point of care. It is noted that in many water pipes because of dirty rainwater drinking water deeply soiled and unusable.

In the history of the local meteorology is no record of such intense rainfall, which surprised even the most elderly residents Ilyana. All activities undertaken for the rehabilitation of people after the earthquake, suspended indefinitely. Here and there is still not restored electricity supply and roads are in poor condition. Complicating landslides and torrents of mud flowing down from the slopes of the mountains.

Floor and first floor of one of the central district hospitals hidden under a layer of rainwater. Earthquake victims, for whom the hospital became a temporary refuge, soon will have to leave and out of here, because even in the corridors of her almost out of space: the five floors are occupied by patients who have suffered and evacuate people.

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