After the reconstruction of kindergartens were opened in Tyumen and the Arkhangelsk region and an orphanage in Orenburzhskoy

In Tyumen opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 14. Kindergarten was chetyrnadtsytym account opened in the Tyumen region this year.

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Preschool in the village Sidorovskaya Arkhangelsk region will attend the 50 kids. In his update was allocated nearly 25.7 million. Kindergarten will visit children who live not only in Sidorovsk, but other localities situated on the left bank of the river Vileda, as well as in the regional center — the village Ilyinsko-Podomskoe.  

In the Orenburg region was opened after an overhaul of state fiscal educational institutions for orphans and children left without parental care, "Children’s House g.Sol-Iletska."


The governor congratulated the participants with a significant event in the life of a children‘s home, which is located in a building built more than half a century ago. Special gratitude he addressed the company "Iletsk Sol", which sponsored the project, and personally to the general director of the company Sergey Chernov. The head of the area also thanked the staff of the Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Orenburg region, who patronizes a children’s home and take an active part in its reconstruction and daily activities.
Yuri Berg said that in the current year overhaul is carried out in four of the eight orphanages Orenburg. 
— In the next year we have to put in order all the children’s home region — said the governor.
Overhaul of Sol-Iletskogo orphanage was held in 2012 due to the different sources of financing on the basis of a public-private partnership. The total cost amounted to 27.46 million, including 7.46 million rubles — from the regional budget, 20 million rubles — sponsored funds of "Iletsk Sol."
Currently, the orphanage brought up 72 children. The total number of teaching staff — 26 people. Remedial work is carried out 2 experts — speech therapist and educational psychologist. At the orphanage running board of trustees. Most agencies to provide assistance to businesses, organizations and private entrepreneurs g.Sol Iletska-and salt-Iletskogo district.
Repair of a three-storey building dormitory for 80 people served contractor CBM "Orenburg-Center". In a short time in the housing window units replaced, repaired water supply systems, sanitation, ventilation, flooring replaced. Finishing sleeping quarters made of modern building materials. Underwent a major renovation of the facade dormitory. Insulated and plastered facade facade plaster brand "Glims", repaired damaged areas cap, blind area. 
The same organization has carried out repairs to the kitchen and dining room dining orphanage. Refurbished electric lighting system, water supply, sanitation, ventilation, replaced windows, wall covering made of glazed tiles.
In addition, for the orphanage modern equipment was purchased for the nutrition unit: steam table, parokonvektor, freezer, cutting tables, cabinets for food, Grinder and other equipment.
In the administration building liquidated emergency — reinforced bearing constructions 3-storey building, refurbished base and blind area, emergency exits are in line with the requirements of a legally. The work performed contractor Ltd. "AlyansStroy." 











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