Agents of influence

I have a question! Is foreign economists who invented the liberal reforms of the 90s in Russia (see the article "National Heroes USA …") and "mladodermokraty" them embodied, passed away without leaving a trace, and have left their successors, followers, or in a simple way, agents of influence? And if you left, how to calculate these "moles"? Is very simple! One need only look at WHO, WHEN, WHAT and WHO encourages …

Anatoly Chubais
"Anatoly Chubais, the British magazine Euromoney recognized as the best finance minister in 1997. It is a great honor … "The magazine" Kommersant »№ 35 (241) from 30.09.1997.
That’s it! In 1997, our Minister appreciated, and in 1998, BP has come … (The Big Kick-Ass) as default!

"… The former chairman of the Board of RAO" UES of Russia "and the current CEO of the state corporation" RUSNANO "Anatoly Chubais became the first Russian, included in the International Council of the U.S. bank JP Morgan Chase.
According to the head of the bank in Russia and the CIS Natasha Tsukanova, Chubais Council invited JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. The representative Chubais Marita Nagoga confirmed the publication that Chubais accepted this proposal and considers membership on the board of the bank … a great honor. " 26-09-2008, 9:54:02,,,

"… Yesterday in Singapore, where the annual autumn session of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, the ceremony of awarding the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. The British newspaper Emerging Markets, founded by the IMF and the World Bank, has recognized its best finance minister of the year in the developing countries of Europe …
But … Alexei Kudrin best recognized for the second time. In 2002, the same publication named him the best finance minister of the year in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. And in 1997, when Alexei Kudrin was the first deputy minister of finance, a similar honor awarded him the then head Anatoly Chubais‘ 18.09.2006y. at 21:00,…7614.html?from=copiedlink

World Bank President Robert Zoellick:
"… A. Kudrin is a "friend and advisor" of the World Bank, it helps our organization … "WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2008. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Lyssakov /…ficial/index.php?id4=6679

Quote from 11.12.2006.:
"Shares of Russian companies abroad are bought like hot cakes. And it’s all thanks to me and stable situation in the country! »Http://

"The President, the head of Sberbank German Gref was awarded the highest decoration in France — an officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor — for his contribution to the development of relations between the two countries. Order Gref was presented by the Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment Christine Lagarde. Was held at the residence of the Ambassador of Russia to France Alexander Orlov, the event was attended by prominent figures in politics, business and art in both countries. Legion of Honor awarded to the President of France for military or civil services … »25.01.2010 16:23, the,

And for a little appetizer of Gaidar. It is known that ET Gaidar was a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group, "Crisis Group." Along with him there were listed terrific gentlemen — EU Commissioner Lord Patten (an ardent Russophobe) and the American financier George Soros (colleague Carnegie, Rockefeller, Bernanke). Nothing of what they were at the sessions, symposia talking, I can not imagine … in the way of the same organization advisor is registered and Gregory Yavlinsky :) Also, since the mid-90s ET Gaidar was closely associated with the American economic organizations and universities (National Bureau of Economic Research, USA, Harvard School of Management, the Research Foundation of the University of Georgia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California (Berkeley), etc.) Needless to say that these organizations are always under the cover of U.S. intelligence? In short, comrades! Although they say that about dead or well, or in any way, but one conclusion — Gaydar biggest "radish" (see k / f "Gentlemen of Fortune")!

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