Agribusiness completes construction in Bryansk poultry complex

The poultry project of the agricultural holding "Agribusiness", which is implemented in the Bryansk region, is slowly gaining momentum. Already there are two poultry farms. For each grown over 70,000 broilers. In May, launch the feed mill, on the approach, and other business entities.

The poultry project "Miratorga" is a closed production cycle, from preparation of own raw materials and ending with the appearance of the final product on the shelves.

The chain is as follows: growing and harvesting crops, the production of animal feed, the content of parent stock, the production of hatching eggs, their breeding, rearing chickens, slaughter, cutting and packaging of the final product.

The plant will consist of 25 units, including 12 farms for breeding flocks, 7 sites for growing broiler hatchery, a modern meat processing plant and feed mill and elevator, as well as the processing plant waste. 

"It is important to note that all the units of the project — from the hatchery to the factory for recycling of waste — will be relatively far away from each other — and Vygonichskom Trubchevsk areas. This will meet all health standards — this is a very important moment, "- said the head of construction for the project" Poultry "ABH" Agribusiness "Mikhail Suslov. The bird will be grown by the method of "patio" — stacked body with a unique microclimate as close to their natural habitat. No close cells and stress to the birds. Installation of these houses for broilers — this is one of the most painstaking work, adds Mikhail Suslov. In addition, in all cases must be created ideal conditions for light and ventilation.

As the main contractor foreman of the company Leonid Kaplenok, many facilities are already in the final stages of construction, "All cases will be put in time delays on schedule no. Of course, there are some problems, but it’s working points, without which it can not do any one building. In general, with the "Agribusiness" is very comfortable working with. It is a reliable company. "

The volume of investment in the project "Poultry", is more than 20 billion rubles. Thanks to "Agribusiness" budget Vygonichskogo Trubchevsk areas and replenished, as people get a decent job. In general, to complete all construction work on the project is planned for 2014, the same year the project will be launched at full capacity.

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